The windows are like in a bunker, lights out at 22, but moray eels and stingrays are right on the shore: a review about holidays in Egypt

The windows are like in a bunker, lights out at 22, but moray eels and stingrays right next to the shore: review about the holiday in Egypt

Diana, reviewer A reader of “Subtleties” Diana believes that now Egypt is one of the most affordable options for recreation among Russians. “For the first time in Egypt, I have long dreamed of seeing the beauties of the Red Sea with my own eyes, but there were always other, more interesting, as it seemed to us at that time, countries for recreation. Then Egypt was closed, then the pandemic … and finally I'm here, ”the tourist shares.

Choose Sharm El Sheikh

Since the main goal of our holiday is a bright underwater world. The hotel was chosen for a long time. What we liked was expensive, and affordable hotels were scary with negative reviews. We opted for Jolie Ville Golf Resort, studied it up and down so as not to spoil our vacation. For a week of rest in this hotel, we paid 127 thousand. Meals “all inclusive”, tour operator “Intourist”, airline “Azur”, flight – 7.5 hours. We were seated as soon as we arrived at 9 am. They immediately put on bracelets, sent for breakfast, the guide told what was what, what entertainment, where to run, if there were questions, where to change money, etc. I put 5+ on the work of the tour operator. 1/1

I'll start with the most beautiful: the sea

Great beach, windless bay, stunning live reef, dive station right on the beach of the hotel.

With a mask near the shore, you can see moray eels, stingrays, turtles, schools of bright small fish.

All beach equipment is free, entry into the water from the pontoon: two stairs, no queues. They follow the order, on the one hand the descent, on the other – the ascent.

The hotel is quiet and peaceful

Suitable for couples and people who don't like parties. Animation is, but unobtrusive. Aerobics and yoga in the morning, little things during the day: tennis, volleyball, darts, and in the evening every 3 days there are shows, but artists perform, not animators. There is a golf club nearby, one hour of play is free, we just walked around the territory, it is very beautiful there. Full lights out at 22:00, you can continue the party only in the city, those who wish gather at the hotel and order a taxi as a group. 1/1

Quality food

Lots of seafood, very tasty fruits, strawberries and mangoes in abundance and in all kinds. Fresh drinks and imported alcohol for an additional fee, but we did not take it, the all-inclusive concept includes excellent canned beer, white wine and local vodka. The staff understands Russian very well, speaks a little. Service is fast, no queues either at the bar or in the restaurant.

The room is cleaned every day, bedding and towels are also changed, we even hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign, otherwise the cleaners were ready to clean up twice a day.

The main disadvantage of the hotel is the rooms

Old, dark, uncomfortable. Not dirty, but the layout is just terrible, the windows are like in a bunker, there is not enough lighting. We also got a room overlooking the courtyard: there is dirt, the smell of dampness, it is impossible to go out onto the balcony, open the window too, there are a lot of mosquitoes in the courtyard, and there are no mosquito nets in the hotel.

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In general, you can go to the hotel only from the sea, but better in order not to spoil the impression, pay extra for a room with a sea view or a superior one. There is also the possibility of accommodation in a bungalow, where, I think, the atmosphere is much nicer. 1/1

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