There are stains on the mattress, stains on the table: a review of a ruined vacation in Kislovodsk

There are stains on the mattress, stains on the table: a review of a ruined vacation in Kislovodsk

Maykova Galina, Shutterstock “Now the long-awaited short vacation has come, and we went with my wife and daughter to Kislovodsk, but the rented apartment spoiled the whole vacation. They rented an apartment that they found on the internet. How everything was planned, what a nice apartment… but it turned out not.” A reader of “Subtlety” with a simple nickname “Tourist” told us about the rest in Kislovodsk.


The park in Kislovodsk, of course, is super, it stands apart from the city and is, as it were, divided into lower and upper parks. The lower one is closer to the city and starts from Kurortny Boulevard, then stretches along the river. It is more suitable for the lazy, the Narzan Gallery is located right there, near the Colonnade. But the upper park is for those who want to get physical activity and rise higher above the city. But the load is dosed, as you climb up the health paths. The park has three sports grounds and one with exercise equipment. There is a cafe. Those who do not want to walk are driven around the park by electric cars. The cable car in the park is not working now, we walked to the upper station. The Valley of Roses, the Olympic Complex, the Small Saddle Mountains and the Red Sun Mountains are places where you should definitely visit. 1/1


Everything was ruined by a rented apartment on the street. Wide. Constant interruptions in hot and cold water, for 5 days I managed to take a shower twice. Residents said it was normal. Cars are constantly honking under the windows, the yard is dirty, the entrance is dirty, and the apartment itself is so-so. There were stains on the table in the kitchen: they probably wiped it with a rag that washes the floors, stains and stains were found on the mattress, it’s even scary to imagine what it is. At night, music was blaring in one of the neighboring apartments.

Dogs run around the yard. In the evening, they drink alcohol there, yell obscenities and hear wild laughter. This spoiled the rest very much.

Well, everything else is good, in the sense – the park, the air, the narzan. We went to Djily-Su, to the Narzans Valley, to Honey Falls – you should also visit there. 1/1

What is it for

Fruits were bought at the market: cherries cost 300 RUB per kilo, apricots — 200, strawberries — 300. local lamb, a must try. General assessment of catering: 3+.

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