There is no comparison with our sanatoriums: a review of treatment in Turkey

You can't compare with our sanatoriums: a review of treatment in Turkey

“I heard a lot about the thermal springs of Turkey, but for the first time I managed to visit them only this year. I have a joint problem. The treatment took place in our clinic, and for rehabilitation I decided to go to Turkey for a test: I wanted a milder climate, and the sanatorium in the CMV, where I try to visit every year, turned out to be packed to capacity. Where is better – there or here – in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Svetlana.

How much

The tour took a package, for 10 days, the Gonluferah Thermal 4 * hotel. Flight to Istanbul, then a sightseeing tour of the city with lunch at a restaurant and then transfer to Bursa. Drive a little over two hours. The tour with the basic treatment program cost 98 thousand for 10 days per person. If you want to book everything on your own, then staying at the hotel with treatment and breakfast costs 4000 RUB per day for single occupancy. I chose this hotel because it is close to the center and the price is quite affordable among many medical hotels near Istanbul.1/1


The hotel turned out to have a very good skin care center, there are treatments for skin diseases and simply programs for beauty and youth. There are a lot of Germans, for me this is an indicator of the quality of the services provided. Locals also undergo treatment here, many are referred under a policy from a doctor. Near the hotel there is a medical clinic where the musculoskeletal system is treated, many patients are sent to rehabilitation courses.

The water in the thermal pools is about +40 °C – it warms up perfectly, relieves pain, the effect is felt after several sessions.

The rooms are spacious, there is everything you need, you can’t compare with our sanatoriums (we have no service). And for that kind of money, you can’t book anything with us at all – neither in the Caucasus, nor in Sochi, nor even in the Kaliningrad region. Meals – buffet. There is dietary, there is the most ordinary. The bar sells alcohol, the prices are not too high. Eating at the hotel is inexpensive, in the city I bought almost nothing, except for souvenirs.

The hotel has Russian-speaking staff, they advise upon arrival, help when visiting a doctor, give recommendations. No language barrier or complications. Although medicine in Russia and Turkey differs in approaches to treatment and analysis, consultants competently help to find a common language and establish a treatment process. There were no additional fees for translations of tests and medical records.1/1


On excursions they take you to Istanbul, Pamukkale, there are even tours for several days to Cappadocia. In winter, you can go to the ski Uludag, carry for the whole day. But I did not go, my health does not allow it yet. I limited myself to leisurely walks around Bursa itself. Beautiful mosques, Silk Market, Museum of Islamic Art. The botanical garden is very beautiful: green, well-groomed paths for walking, many benches and signs with distances so that vacationers can properly distribute their forces.

I noticed that many tourist places have access for people with disabilities. This is a huge plus, in our resorts the infrastructure for the disabled and the elderly leaves much to be desired. And here such people have complete freedom of movement!

I looked at several clinics in the city, and the treatment programs, and its scheme itself, seems to me more modern and competent than in our country, unfortunately. If finances allowed, I would undergo a course of treatment in Turkey, but the prices for treatment for foreign citizens bite here.

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