They are no more: 8 species of animals that have become extinct in the 21st century

They are no more: 8 animal species that became extinct in the 21st century

Marion The extinction of animals in prehistory is part of the continuous course of evolution. But with the beginning of the active development of mankind, many species disappeared as a result of extermination and environmental degradation. In the 20th century, many large mammals and inhabitants of the seas became extinct, this process continues in the 21st. These eight species have disappeared from the planet quite recently, over the past couple of decades.

1. Chinese river dolphin

The population of the freshwater dolphin that lived in the Yangtze River was greatly reduced in the 1970s. as a result of active industrial development of the water area. Then everything went only worse. Water transport, construction of hydroelectric power plants and fishing adversely affected the species – and the last individual died in 2002.” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

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