They came to dictate their own rules: a review of the big wave of emigration to Turkey

They came to dictate their own rules: a review of the large wave of emigration to Turkey reader Gulnara has been living with her family in Alanya for more than 10 years. “My children were born in Turkey and go to a local school. And my husband and I, like all emigrants who changed their country of residence already at an elderly age, went through many difficulties. But we did not go with our charter to a foreign monastery, we accepted the rules and norms of society, tried to respect the customs of this country. Now, unfortunately, we are witnessing a large wave of emigration from Russia, and people are absolutely not ready to accept or listen, they have come to dictate their own rules,” says Gulnara. 1/1

I understand that not all of the visitors are like this

But that seems to be the majority. I judge this even by our small residential complex Gold City Aura, which is located in the Mahmutlar district. A certain group of residents from the Russian Federation imagined themselves as a management company and an active group and, without the consent of all residents, they want to increase the amount of aydat (monthly fee for housekeeping and maintenance services), as they lack security and additional services.

Why all the tenants who have been here for a long time should pay for this is not clear. In Turkey, the prices of everything have already grown very much!

This phenomenon is clearly widespread, and discontent among local residents is growing, and it is not for nothing that the Turkish migration authorities have tightened the requirements for obtaining a residence permit. The percentage of refusals to issue a temporary residence permit and a residence permit is growing in many large cities in Turkey, where there is the largest influx of visitors from the Russian Federation. 1/1

Mahmutlar is now a small Russia

There are a lot of Russian schools, shops, more than half of Russian speakers on the street. And it wouldn't be so bad if people knew how to behave.

Many visitors do not even try to learn Turkish, because they have a mindset: if there are a lot of Russians, then locals should already learn the language.

There are Russian cafes, shops, agencies, even a newspaper is published, but for many this seems not enough! Even if you came here for a short time, on vacation, for six months or a year, you are a guest! It's a shame for our compatriots. In many cities there are areas where representatives of some nation settle, but there must be some kind of framework?

This is about sore points, but I don’t want my story to be only about this

Apart from this negativity, the rest of the Mahmutlar district is a wonderful sleeping area for living. There are pluses in the fact that the infrastructure here is developed and focused on Russian speakers. My 7-year-old daughter has been attending classes in Russian, we managed to keep the children bilingual, which is a huge plus.

Prices for many goods have now risen, but fruits, vegetables, bread and pastries have remained about the same. Prices for cereals, dairy products, clothing have risen significantly, prices are about the same as in Moscow. The most budgetary purchases are in large supermarkets Alanyum, Kipa and Metro. There are many inexpensive hotels in the area, as well as offers for renting apartments. Even despite all the hype, you can find decent housing options for a reasonable price. 1/1

I do not urge anyone to refuse from moving and, conversely, I do not call. Everyone has the right to choose, but let your choice be yours alone. You should not come and dictate your own rules: respect others, and you will be treated with respect.

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