They didn’t feed the guests, but flew off on a trip: a tourist changed a magnificent wedding for a holiday in the Seychelles

They did not feed the guests, but flew away on a trip: a tourist changed a magnificent wedding for a holiday in the Seychelles

“We would never dare to buy a tour for 400 thousand for two for 10 days, but we have not just a vacation, but a honeymoon trip. In general, we saved up money for the wedding itself, but the magnificent festivities, as planned, did not work out. We just signed at the registry office and sat with friends in a restaurant: due to the pandemic, we constantly had to postpone the date of the main holiday, and in the end we abandoned this idea altogether. And they decided to spend the collected money on a honeymoon trip to the Seychelles: I always dreamed of getting there.” Irina, a reader of Subtleties, shares her impressions of a not too cheap vacation.

Why Seychelles

I wanted to go to the Seychelles, and not to the Maldives for several reasons. Seychelles is a Catholic country, there are no bans on alcohol or wearing bikinis on public beaches, and I wanted to travel around the island and see different places, stop at different beaches. In the Seychelles, you have the right to come to any beach of any hotel: you will not be asked to leave. The Seychelles can boast not only a rich underwater world, but also animals. A huge number of forests and reserves, hundreds of species of birds, turtles, geckos.

Hotel, beach, cost

The exact price of the tour package is 403 thousand for two, meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, Coral Strand Smart Choice 4 * hotel. The tour operator made a discount for the newlyweds, made sure that we were congratulated, the room was decorated. We also had a free romantic dinner with fruit, cake and champagne. Modest, but very beautiful. The food at the hotel is great! Seafood, grilled meats, salads, fruits, but not all drinks are included, some are for an additional fee, even non-alcoholic ones.

The currency is the rupee, it’s easy to count: to understand how much it is in rubles, multiply by 5. You can also change dollars and euros at the airport, the rate is the same as in the city’s exchange offices. Near the hotel there is a cafe and several food stalls, it is better to take drinks there.1/1

The beach is fabulous! The underwater world is very beautiful.

Before you go snorkeling, you will receive a briefing from the lifeguard. Everything is trite: do not touch with your hands, do not pull your hands to the living creatures, do not lift anything from the bottom, even stones, do not touch the reef. There are not very many fish off the coast and on popular beaches, it is better to take a boat tour around the area: it is not as expensive as a trip to neighboring islands.

There were cons, but all claims relate only to the hotel. For such money – no infrastructure, the territory is just buildings and restaurants, the jungle, the beach and a small pool. There are no spas, playgrounds, recreation areas, no landscaping – what has grown has grown.

Where were you

Car rental – 60 EUR per day, no deposit. We traveled around the most popular beaches (Shash seemed to me the best), went around all the sights of Victoria (temples, a museum, a market, a botanical garden), visited the village of crafts Domain de Val des Pres. Another day we went by taxi to Morne Seychellois National Park, it is better to book at least half a day for a walk there.

We did not take boat trips: very expensive. Photos, of course, are amazing, look at the Aldabra Atoll and the Silver Coast on the Internet. But 250 USD for a tour is too much.

The island is paradise, but very expensive.

If we have money, we will definitely return. Next time we would try to relax in the Seychelles in small guest houses: there are all the conditions for a comfortable stay in this format, but buying tickets separately is now unprofitable. We must wait for better times.

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