Tickets to the Pyramids of Giza will no longer be sold for cash

It's getting harder for Russians in Egypt to visit the main attractions .jpg” alt=”Tickets to the Pyramids of Giza will no longer be sold for cash” />

On June 2, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities issued a circular on the transition of several archaeological sites and museums to a cashless entry ticket system. The new scheme as part of the “comprehensive digital transformation” applies to both individual visitors and clients of travel companies. The experience of non-cash payments in museum objects of Aswan, introduced 4 months ago, was recognized by the branch department as successful.

According to the Egyptian Tourism Ministry, the list of places of interest where tickets cannot be bought for cash since June includes the Giza Pyramids, Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Citadel in Cairo, the Temple of Kom Ombo in Upper Egypt, the Temple of Edfu, the Egyptian National Museum and The Nubian Museum, as well as the Unfinished Obelisks and the Abu Simbel Complex in Aswan.

The Ministry clarified that several cashless payment methods are available for purchasing admission tickets to these museums and attractions.

Thus, travel companies can purchase tickets for group visits for their customers at the Ticket Center under the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt, paying for this purchase by bank transfer from the company's bank account, or using bank cards already in the Center.

Another option is to pay for group tickets with an Egyptian bank card by a guide or tour company representative already on the spot. The third alternative is to buy group tickets online on the special website of the mines of tourism (

Foreign tourists can also purchase entrance tickets on their own already on the spot using their bank card – in special devices ticket sales or museum box office.

However, this option will not always be available for Russians: Mir, Visa and Mastercard bank cards issued by Russian banks are not accepted in Egypt. There is hope that UnionPay payment system cards issued by Russian banks will work. How it will actually be, practice will show. Of course, it will be possible to buy a ticket using a foreign bank card.

According to representatives of Egyptian host companies, nothing will change for organized tourists.

How as a rule, entrance tickets are already included in the cost of excursions, which are paid by tourists in advance. And buy souvenirs, drinks and  other goods in museum stores are still available for cash.

Recall that this spring in Egypt, prices for visiting the main attractions have been significantly increased. The most expensive will be a visit to the rocky tomb of Nefertari in the valley of the queens (1600 pounds or 4150 rubles) and the temple of Seti I (1400 pounds or 3630 rubles).

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