Top 10 airlines in the world with the most Boeing 747 flights

Top 10 airlines in the world that flew the most Boeing 747

Just a week ago, Boeing transmitted to the customer the last in the history of the Boeing 747, marking the end of an era. Many airlines operated this type of aircraft for 54 years, and almost 1,600 were built.

The first flight of the “Queen of Heaven” took place on February 9, 1969. And just a year later, the aircraft entered service with Pan-Am. For years, airlines around the world have enjoyed flying this giant of first-class passenger service.

Top 10 airlines in the world with the most Boeing 747 flights

Throughout its history, the Boeing 747 has been operated by many carriers on all continents — from cargo to passenger.

The top 10 largest aircraft operators include:

Atlas Air operated 111 aircraft, several of which are still flown to this day.

Japan Airlines (JAL), including JAL Cargo, operated 109 aircraft of various modifications between 1970 and 2011.

Top 10 airlines in the world, most Boeing 747s

British Airways — 103 aircraft over a 22-year period. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the airline retired the remaining 747s from its fleet.

Air Atlanta Icelandic. The Icelandic commercial airline operated 100 aircraft with the first delivery in 1993. She currently has about 15 aircraft flying.

Singapore Airlines — 95 aircraft in its fleet. For 39 years, the 747 was the main aircraft of the carrier's passenger fleet, the first flight with the airline took place in 1973. There are only seven 747s left in its fleet operating cargo flights.

Top 10 airlines in the world with the most Boeing 747 flights

United Airlinesbegan its relationship with the Boeing 747 in 1970. In total, United had 90 examples of the 747s until the aircraft type was finally retired on November 7, 2017.

Korean Air — only 87 aircraft, and there are currently nine 747-8i — modification Intercontinental.

Lufthansa used 83 aircraft, and currently 8 aircraft 747 & ndash;400 and 19 — 747–8i.

Top 10 airlines in the world, most flying Boeing 747

Cathay Pacific has operated 83 aircraft over the years and currently has 20 cargo 747s in its fleet .

Kalitta Air operated 76 aircraft, several of which are still flying today.

The Atlas Air airline that made the most number of Boeing 747 flights in history, cargo and charter flights.

Atlas currently has five Boeing 747s in two different configurations for charter flights: the 747–400 VIP and the 747–400 HD.


The rest of the “Boeing 747” Atlas is a mixture of 747-400F, 747-400LCF, 747-8F and is used for cargo operations.

Last week, the airline took delivery of the last Boeing 747 N863GT ever built.

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