Top 10 reasons for tourism and recreation in Kaliningrad

European Kaliningrad deservedly made it to the list of the best vacation spots in Russia. It's beautiful, cozy and interesting. Rest in Kaliningrad is especially good in May, summer and early autumn – until about October. The weather at this time is especially comfortable. New Year's Eve is another good time to go to Kaliningrad. The city becomes fabulous, this is one of the best options for traveling around Russia during the New Year holidays. Whatever month your vacation falls on, we have at least 10 arguments in favor of a vacation in Kaliningrad.

Top 10 reasons for tourism and recreation in Kaliningrad

1. Lots of attractions.All the most important things in Kaliningrad can be seen in 1 day. Especially if you move fast. But you won't be bored, even if you go on vacation for two or more weeks. In addition to gingerbread houses in the center, there is a wonderful zoo, green parks for walking, an embankment, museums and much more. And you can also go out of town. It's fast and definitely worth it.

2. Europe without “foreign”.Kaliningrad is called “Russian Europe” for a reason. Kant Island, the Cathedral, the Fish Village, the Sagrada Familia, the Brandenburg Gate – the surrounding sights seem to take you to another country. And these cozy streets in the depths of the city … You can walk endlessly along them. Kaliningrad reminds me of small towns in Latvia and Lithuania. Having rented an apartment in Kaliningrad before the New Year in advance, for example, at,  consider that you went to Europe without a passport for these magical holidays. tourists usually fall in love with Kaliningrad all over again when they walk around it with a guide and listen to local legends at this time.

3. You can swim. If you go to Kaliningrad in July, August or early September 2020, try to combine the tour with a holiday on the Baltic Sea. And if you are from the walruses, take a dip at another time. The coast is easily accessible by car, bus or train. Along the way, admire the wonderful nature.

Top 10 reasons for tourism and recreation in Kaliningrad

4. Informative. During your vacation in Kaliningrad, you can learn a lot of new things. Go on an excursion to the Amber Museum (God, how beautiful it is there!). Or explore the Museum of the World Ocean – especially if you are traveling to Kaliningrad with children. And at the same time take a walk along the embankment of Peter the Great. This is a very pleasant place. You can also listen to organ music in the Cathedral. This will be remembered for a lifetime.

5. Clean and nice.Rest in Kaliningrad is so pleasant also because everything here is very well-groomed. You will not meet dumps and tons of dirt, even if you move away from the city center. In this regard, Kaliningrad compares favorably with St. Petersburg and Moscow. Also, the people here are very friendly. They seem to love their city and welcome tourists.

6. Delicious!Try bonito or smoked eel stroganina. We advise those with a sweet tooth to go to the Marzipan Museum for local delicacies. Also, go to the culinary section of the supermarket and buy pies (so juicy!). Settle down on the embankment with a bottle of local kvass or fermented baked milk. Yummy!

Top 10 reasons for tourism and recreation in Kaliningrad

7. Near the Curonian Spit.There are places in Russia that everyone needs to visit at least once in their life. The Curonian Spit is just one of them. Sand dunes, dancing forest, forest paths, animals and birds – this is a small miracle! Be sure to visit the National Park. You can go with a guided tour, but you can also go “savages”.

8. Cheaper resorts. Of course, it will be warmer in the Crimea or Sochi. Holidays in Kaliningrad and the region, even in the summer, will not be one hundred percent “sea”. But it will be saturated and more budgetary. You can stay at a hotel or book an apartment here online.

9. Unusual souvenirs. Your friends will bring shells from Anapa, and you will bring amber jewelry, edible marzipan figurines and unique amber cosmetics. You can also collect fish or eel.

10. There are resorts nearby. If you are tired of megacities, go to Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk, Yantarnoye or other resorts of the Baltic Sea. Here you can breathe the cleanest air, take a break from the hustle and bustle, admire the architecture. If you don’t have a car, we advise you to travel by train – it’s convenient.

Enjoy your holiday, friends!



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