Top 10 things in a suitcase that betray a domestic tourist

Top 10 things in a suitcase , issuing a domestic tourist

What do you definitely put in your suitcase before the trip? Everyone will give their own answer to this question, and yet there is something that most of us cannot do without when traveling. Check out the list of “Subtleties”, and you are guaranteed to find at least 5 things that you are taking with you. So, the top things that give out with the head of a domestic tourist.

Food film

They usually don’t put it in a suitcase – they wrap suitcases and bags with it. Most Russians firmly believe that in this way it is possible to protect their property from damage and even theft. And some pack bags in foil to make it easier to recognize them when issued. Be that as it may, there is no doubt: if you see a suitcase carefully wrapped in film, it belongs to our tourist.


A characteristic feature of a Russian is a subconscious readiness for any vicissitudes of fate. How else to explain that the boiler is the second most popular item that domestic tourists take with them on the road? With it, you can not only boil water, but also cook your favorite sausages, if the assortment of the buffet suddenly does not suit you. Tourists named the most useless things in their suitcases.


Despite the active anti-nicotine propaganda, the number of smokers in Russia stubbornly refuses to decrease. Therefore, the most prudent take a pack or two on the road. Considering that in many countries cigarettes are much more expensive, this measure is quite justified.


What if abroad you suddenly overcome an acute desire to eat buckwheat or crawl seeds? That's right, you need to take them with you! Often they try to smuggle sausage, forgetting that the import of dairy and meat products is prohibited in many countries. If you still cannot do without the “doctoral” on the road, make sandwiches with it and use it on the road so as not to give it to callous customs officers.

Slippers and a towel

That's why it's your own, to be closer to the body, so many Russians pack these items before the road. But there is another group of domestic tourists who, on the contrary, bring towels and slippers home from hotels. How are you doing?

Packages from supermarkets

Hygiene comes first, so many people carry shopping bags with them to make it easier to separate clean from dirty linen. But there are those who pack each item in a separate bag for greater safety. Packing like a pro: everything will fit!

First-aid kit

In European countries, only painkillers and antipyretics are sold without a prescription, so Russians prefer to stock up on a set of medicines in advance, so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful.


Some not only buy alcohol abroad or in “duty free”, but also bring it with them. Especially popular in this regard is vodka, without which many Russo tourists cannot imagine their holidays.

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Cosmetic bag

Well, how not to take your favorite shower gel, shampoo, cream, scrub, highlighter, shadows and eyebrow tweezers on the road? For other girls, the list of mandatory cosmetics is so large that they require a separate suitcase.

Hair curler and heels

The desire to always look spectacular even where it is not required (for example, on the beach) is a characteristic feature of some Russian women. And in this sense, heels are the main help for them along with a cosmetic bag (see paragraph above). As for the curling iron, it is completely universal: it can not only straighten hair, but also iron and dry clothes. //” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Top 10 things in a suitcase that stand out as a domestic tourist

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