Top 6 popular summer vacation destinations

Top 6 popular summer destinations< /p> As long as opportunities for overseas holidays are limited, Subtleties recommends that Russians explore their native country and its immediate neighbors.


Gorny Altai is a land of amazing beauty, where you should visit at least once in your life. Mountain landscapes, pristine rivers and emerald meadows – this place can surprise the most sophisticated tourists. The fastest way to get to Gorno-Altaisk is by plane, the cost of a round trip ticket is from 17,000 RUB. Housing can be found for any budget. A hotel room is offered from 1500 RUB per day, modest houses with partial amenities – from 5000 RUB. When planning a vacation in tents, take into account the large difference in day and night temperatures.

To see as many natural attractions as possible, go traveling by car. The cost of car rental in Gorno-Altaisk starts from 1700 RUB per day. You can enjoy Alpine landscapes along the main transport vein – the Chuisky tract. And it’s better to do it with a free audio guide in the MTS Live mobile application. The MTS guide starts from the City Beginning park in Novosibirsk and ends in the village of Tashanta on the border with Mongolia. The guide will tell you about almost 70 points of interest along the Chuisky tract, how to get to the famous Srostinsky fair or climb Mount Piket.

In memory of the trip and as a gift for relatives and friends, you can buy fragrant honey from local beekeepers (from 400 RUB per kg) or Cherginsky cheese (from 500 RUB per kg). And the most popular Altai souvenir is herbal collection from alpine herbs. The markets sell medicinal teas with various effects – tonic, soothing, cleansing or regenerating; packaging costs from 200 RUB.1/1


The capital of Abkhazia is the Mecca of the Russian budget tourist. There are several ways to get from Moscow to the “country of the soul”: by plane to Adler, ticket – from 3000 RUB, then by taxi from 3500 RUB or by bus from 900 RUB, or by train (ticket from Moscow will cost 3500 RUB).

We recommend visiting the Sukhum Botanical Garden for nature lovers, and Bagrat Castle for architecture fans. Among the unusual sights of the city are the abandoned Guma station and the Penguin Philosopher monument. In the immediate vicinity are Lake Ritsa and the New Athos Monastery, the caves of New Athos and the Gagra colonnade.

And, of course, a nice bonus is the warm Black Sea. Pay attention to the Klukhor Pass – a place with incredible natural landscapes and mountains wrapped in clouds.

Be sure to try the local wines, cheeses and meats. The average check in an inexpensive cafe will be 300-450 RUB, in a restaurant – from 700-900 RUB per person. If you book accommodation in areas away from the capital, you can meet a modest amount without compromising the quality of your vacation. For example, the cost of an apartment is 700–900 RUB per day, a hotel — from 2000 RUB, a hostel — within 1000 RUB.


The city, stunning with its scale, cleanliness and huge tulips, which are here at every step in the summer. Beautiful sights, takeaway food from the authentic Bahetle supermarket, inexpensive taxis – you will be surprised at the minimum spending on vacation. The cost of a night in an inexpensive hostel is from 700 RUB per day, a comfortable three-ruble note is from 2500 RUB per night.

We recommend seeing the white-stone Kremlin, the registry office in the form of a huge cauldron, the Kul-Sharif mosque, the Palace of Farmers and the Kremlin embankment.


Azerbaijan is actively gaining popularity among Russian tourists. The fastest way to get from Moscow to its capital is by plane, the ticket price is from 25,000 RUB. And it's worth it – here is the Caspian Sea, and picturesque mountains, and delicious food, and friendly people who seem to compete with each other in hospitality. Baku will amaze with its combination of ancient and modern architecture, its color.

Here you can find an inexpensive apartment from 1300 RUB per day, while the area is unimportant – by public transport you can get to the other end of the city for only 15–30 RUB. Fans of unusual architecture are advised to take a walk around the old city of Icheri Sheher, the modern Heydar Aliyev Center will surprise you with a unique wave-like shape, and lovers of historical and archaeological reserves must visit the Gobustan National Park-Reserve. Be sure to try the street food. Famous donuts and buns cost up to 20 RUB, and juicy burgers — up to 400 RUB.


Another very popular holiday destination for Russians lately. From the capital, flights with a transfer in Yerevan are operated by Armenian Airlines, round-trip tickets will cost from 27,000 RUB, and if you are ready to spend more than 25 hours on the road, you can take a bus – from 7,000 RUB one way.

In Tbilisi, be sure to visit the modern Rike Park and the cable car (55 RUB), take a walk along Freedom Square and Rustaveli Avenue, climb the Narikala fortress, and from there go down to the botanical garden (entrance 200 RUB). We advise you to spend the evening in the Sulfur Baths of Abanotubani, where you will be offered traditional Georgian massage and medical procedures (from 1800 RUB).

You can stay in local hostels – up to 800 RUB per day, or in a hotel with breakfast: 3-4 * from 3000 RUB. We will not talk about the masterpieces of national cuisine (khachapuri, khinkali, kharcho and lobio), everything is clear here. Average check in a restaurant for two: 1500–2500 RUB.

If you have a few days left, take a high-speed train ticket (550 RUB) and go to Batumi to swim in the Black Sea and walk along the wide and modern embankment. And we advise the most active to plan an ascent to the mountains of Kazbeki. A group tour will cost from 1700 RUB per person. 0g/8a0gmmggqngokgggooscccows.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Top 6 popular holiday destinations summer


Armenia is one of the most beautiful countries in the Transcaucasus. You can get to Yerevan from Moscow by plane in 4 hours, the ticket price is from 10,000 RUB one way. There are many natural beauties: mountains, valleys, lakes. And there are enough architectural monuments even for the most demanding tourist: the Old Town, Erebuni, the Swallow Fortress and much more.

Traditionally, a trip to Armenia is not complete without a trip to the famous Lake Sevan and the temple of Garni. Here you can rent a hotel room from 5000 RUB per day or stay in a hostel – up to 1500 RUB per night. And save money on food – giant portions in Armenian restaurants have long become a legend, and besides, there is a lot of excellent street food. Lunch in a cafe will cost 300–450 RUB per person, shawarma or barbecue — up to 100 RUB.1/1

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