Topless in Turkey: where, how and to whom you can

Topless in Turkey: where, how and who can

Despite the status of an all-Russian health resort, Turkey is still quite a Muslim state, where too open outfits, let's say, are not welcome even on the seashore. Well, the appearance of topless, and even on the municipal beach, generally threatens to be brought to the police. With all this, naturists who choose a place to relax should not discount the Turkish coast. It has at least six almost secret places where you can still sunbathe in the costume of Eve and Adam.

1. Kemer

In the northern part of Kemer, behind the Armas Beach and Rose Residence Beach hotels, there is a beach where you can be topless. The place is wild and undeveloped, so you will have to bring towels, drinks, etc. For obvious reasons, there are no locker rooms, there is no other infrastructure either. A five-meter hill chastely separates the nudist beach from the dressed civilization. The beach is a mixture of sand and pebbles. Familiar unfamiliar Turkey: mistakes, stereotypes and delusions.

2. Patara

It's hard to believe, but deserted beaches in Turkey still exist, one of them is Patara, named after the ancient city, whose picturesque ruins complement the local desert landscape. The length of the coastline is about 10 km, the width reaches a kilometer: there is enough space for tourists to keep a respectful distance and not look at each other. High dunes and thorny bushes will help to further camouflage. The beach is partially equipped, sun loungers and umbrellas occupy a small part of it. Those who prefer swimwear rest there. The rest of the territory is slowly mastered by nudists. The nearest settlement is the village of Gelemish, 2.5 km away.

3. Bodrum

In the north-east of the Bodrum peninsula there is a place with a telling name – Naked Bay. The toponym, I must say, is quite consistent with reality: you can understand that you are already in place by looking at your naked bodies. The sandy strip with huge sharp stones along the edges is supported by densely growing trees, so it’s impossible to accidentally see the vacationers in all their glory. There is no infrastructure. 7 mistakes you make when you go to the market in Turkey.

4. Altinkum

80 km west of Izmir is the settlement of Cheshme. If you drive 4.5 km from it in a southerly direction, you will find yourself in the town of Altinkum with the beach of the same name. The length of the coastline with light, almost white sand is 350 m. Almost a third of them is occupied by the Fun Beach club with a restaurant, bar, music and other tourist amenities. The rest of the beach is wild – you can sunbathe topless there without worrying about fines. sized/f550x700/cc/hl/cchl3z9y71ckkwg000wo04wgc.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Topless in Turkey: where, how and who can

5. Beldibi

At the exit from the small village of Beldibi, on the way to Antalya, there is a wild beach, divided into two parts. Getting to it is not easy, but the effort will be rewarded. Here is the exact route:

Before reaching the tunnel on the highway, you should turn onto the path and go to the rocks. There is a grotto – you need to go through it and move down the rocky slope to the coastline. This is the first part of the beach. It is not crowded, but it’s still not worth undressing: there may be children with their parents in the neighborhood.

To get to the second part of the beach, you will have to swim a little, rounding the rock that blocked the beach. Behind it is a chamber piece of land surrounded by sheer cliffs and boulders, a paradise for those who like to sunbathe without a swimsuit. The police definitely can’t get here (do not wet the uniforms in the sea). There are individual dressed citizens here, but they are usually in the minority.

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6. Belcekiz

Not far from the resort town of Fethiye is the village of Belcekiz with the beach of the same name in Oludeniz Bay. The right side of the beach is equipped with everything you need for a lazy or active, but still somewhat dressed holiday. The left one is wild, which is what lovers of sunbathing naked use. Huge flat stones are something like VIP seats, they are occupied from the very morning. Those who are late are placed nearby, on pebbles.

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