Tourism in Spain returned to pre-crisis levels in January with 4.1 million tourists

Tourism in Spain returned to pre-crisis levels in January with 4.1 million tourists

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), travelers spent 5.218 billion euros on their trip to Spain and stay there, which is 2.178 billion euros — by 71.7 percent — more than in January 2022.

Interestingly, in the first month of 2019, only 49,594 more tourists arrived in Spain than in 2023. But as for expenses, compared to January 2019, this year foreigners left 529 million euros more in the country.

The INE data also show that in January the average check for a tourist was 1,258 euros, which is 3.5% more year on year. At the same time, average daily spending also increased by 19.3 percent.

The average duration of international tourist trips was 8.5 days. This is 1.3 days less than a year ago.

Most tourists come to Spain from the UK, France and Germany. 742,212 guests from the UK ensured her leadership. The growth compared to 2022 is significant — 103.6 percent.

485,116 and 478,258 travelers arrived from France and Germany, respectively.

The United States added 102.8 percent to last year's figures, Italy — 78.6 percent and Ireland — 66.1 percent.

The Canary Islands remain Spain's leading tourist destination. Their share in the total volume of received tourists — 29 percent. In January, 1.2 million foreigners rested here, which is 58.5% more than a year ago.

Catalonia is in second place — 19.2%, or 798,331 tourists from abroad. France gave 18.1% of visitors, Italy — 10.6%.

The third place in terms of the number of received tourists is occupied by Andalusia — 571,873 people.

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