Tourism revenues in Greece will exceed the results of 2021 by 3 billion euros

Tourism revenue in Greece will exceed the results of 2021 by 3 billion euros

In a statement released on November 24, the minister stressed that Greek airports recorded a 14.9% increase last month compared to pre-pandemic October 2019. At the same time, turnover in the accommodation sector increased by 22.1% in the third quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, the occupancy rate of hotels in popular tourist destinations has risen to a very high level, reaching 100 percent, and not only on peak dates.

“I am happy because during a very difficult period we were able to support the average Greek family , not only professionals in the tourism sector, but also primary production, catering, trade, the construction sector and short-term rentals, — noted Kikilias.

According to him, an additional 100 million euros will be allocated to support owners of small hotels and accommodation in mountainous areas most affected by the energy crisis.

Minister Kikilias also added that, the main investments will be made in regions that little known and lacking infrastructure. In addition, the Ministry of Tourism is going to invest in many other projects related to tourism, including solid waste recycling, water resources, traffic, electrification, modernization of ports, marinas, anchorages, and ski resorts.

As Kikilias explains, the Ministry of Tourism has allocated 350 million euros for these projects and has already launched a competition.

Last week, the Minister of Tourism announced that Greek tourism revenues have already exceeded 18 billion euros this year.

Recently, the data of the Bank of Greece showed that in September the volume of tourist services in Greece increased by 669.4 million euros. The same source also said that total sales from January to September increased by 14,128.2 million euros.

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