Tourist goes missing from Carnival cruise ship in Gulf of Mexico

Tourist missing from cruise ship Carnival in Gulf of Mexico

At some point, the man went to the bathroom, warning his companion that he was “not for long.”

An hour passed, but he never returned. He was not in the cabin either.  A young, full of strength, 28-year-old boy simply disappeared.

It was about 11:00 p.m. when the brother left, but his sister reported his disappearance only at noon the next day.

Several announcements were made over the speakerphone on the ship for the missing passenger to go to the reception desk, and the security service began to explore the ship in search of it.

About two hours later, the decision was made to turn the ship around. Passengers have been advised that the arrival time at the port of Cozumel in Mexico will be changed.

Carnival Valor has returned to its route to support search and rescue efforts.

At about 2:30 pm, the coast guard received a call from the ship with a message about the incident: a cruise ship passenger was missing.

Almost at the same minute, several crews of — both from the air and from the sea.

An alarm was issued to all ships in the bay, and the coast guard used all available resources.

The search extended over 300 km. The water temperature that day was just over 20 degrees Celsius.

Considering how many hours had passed since the last time the man was seen, the chances of rescue seemed minimal.

About 30 km from the coast, the crew of the cargo ship CRINIS examined the surface with binoculars, and finally, about 20 :30 they noticed something. It turned out to be not just debris on the water, it was the same man.

The crew of the Coast Guard helicopter from New Orleans headed to the scene and lifted the man on board.

The rescued man was able to give his name , confirmed that he was the one who fell overboard. Doctors found the man was showing signs of hypothermia, shock and dehydration.

In fact, he did not give any clear explanation of why he fell overboard or exactly what time it was.

It is incredible that he could stay afloat all night, and then another day — more than 15 hours in total.

The rescued man was handed over to waiting emergency medical personnel at New Orleans Lakefront Airport.

He is now being examined at the hospital, his condition is stable.

< p> Well, Carnival Valor again went to Cozumel.

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