Tourist visa-free with China does not work yet

Tourist visa-free travel with China does not work yet

Yes, the governments of Russia and China have already signed the corresponding agreements, and members of the Russian tourist group, indeed, will not need to apply for a visa. But a certain time must pass between the signing of conciliation documents and the actual implementation of visa-free travel.

First, it is necessary to resolve a number of organizational and procedural issues, then test the procedure in a test mode, and only after that put it into action. Knowledgeable people say that, at best, the tourist visa-free procedure with China will work on September 01, 2023.

The old procedure for obtaining permission to enter China is still in effect. They get it at the consulate, but the queue may come up no earlier than in a month (or even two). However, you can apply for a visa upon arrival, but only at the airports of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou (in other places such visas are not issued), and it will cost much more than at the consulate.


If you do not have a Chinese visa ready, be very careful about your possible entry date, border crossing method, and route. It is better to choose tours with departures in September and later. 

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