Tourist visas to Sri Lanka will rise in price from December 1

The cost of both electronic visas and visas “on arrival” will change -1-dekabrja-6588910.jpg” alt=”Tourist visas to Sri Lanka will rise in price from December 1″ />

The authorities of Sri Lanka decided to increase the cost of tourist visas from December 1 . The cost of both e-Visas and Visas on Arrival will change.

According to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Moscow, from December 1, 2022, the cost of tourist visas will be increased. Thus, the cost of an electronic visa (electronic entry permit, ETA) valid for 180 days (single entry) will increase from the current $35 to $50 per adult tourist. The same amount will have to be paid for an ETA valid for 30 days (double entry). Recall that when applying for an ETA online, you will need a card of a foreign bank. Or you can get this service  from tour operators when booking a tour, paying in rubles. For example, Intourist will help with this.

A tourist visa on arrival will also cost $20 more. Instead of $40 from December 1, you will have to pay $60 for it. You can pay for your visa upon arrival in cash.

As Intourist added, children under 12 years of age – visas are issued free of charge.  To enter Sri Lanka, Russian tourists need a foreign passport valid for at least 6 months (180 days) from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka.

In November 2022, Russians began leaders in the number of arrivals to Sri Lanka: 6,701 visits were recorded in the first half of the month alone.

Today, two Russian airlines fly to Sri Lanka: Aeroflot operates flights from Moscow to Colombo three times per week. Flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk are operated by AZUR air. From Moscow – departures 2 times a week, from the regions frequency & nbsp; – Once every 10/11 nights.

You can get to Sri Lanka on connecting flights with transfers in Istanbul, Doha, Dubai and Sharjah, Manama (Bahrain).

We also remind you that now Russians can apply for international bank cards in Sri Lanka.

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