Tourists become victims in the fight against illegal rental of apartments in Turkey

Tourists become victims in the fight against illegal rental of apartments in Turkey

The Turkish media flashed information that the Turkish authorities intend to restore order in the real estate sector. The notes said that property owners who illegally rent out their apartments or apartments are damaging the tourism industry in particular and the Turkish economy as a whole. First, very often they dump. Secondly, none of them pays the corresponding taxes. Thirdly, it is in such apartments that many events related to crime are recorded (fraud, theft, violation of the terms of stay in the country, etc.).


Many have left these notes without attention, but in vain. On August 15, a “mopping-up” took place. illegal rented apartments in Fatih (a popular tourist area in Istanbul). In just 1 day, more than 300 such apartments were identified. Tenants were evicted from all these apartments, the property itself was sealed – its owners will be severely fined. 


But the most unpleasant thing is that the main victims of these raids were those who rented these apartments. Many of them did not even suspect that they were breaking the law. They booked a property on the open resource Booking, paid money upon arrival in Istanbul (for example, one Russian family paid almost 400 Euros for a house for a week), and now they are left without a roof over their heads and, most likely, no one will return the money to them . 


Similar raids will soon take place in other areas of Istanbul and Turkish cities. Therefore, those who go to tourist resorts must understand all the risks associated with renting apartments or houses – if it turns out that the landlord rents his property illegally, the tenants of this property can be evicted by the police at any time. 

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