Tourists in Spain must now have 100 euros for every day of vacation

Tourists in Spain must now have 100 euros for every day of vacation

It turned out that the border guards do have the right to stop foreigners crossing the Spanish border and demand three additional documents from them.

One of the requirements is that travelers must prove their financial solvency, that is, they can whether they can support themselves financially during their stay in Spain.

The Spanish Ministry of the Interior has set a minimum expenditure of 100 euros per person per day. However, the minimum amount cannot be less than 900 euros.

Cash, bank statements, traveler's checks, etc. will do.

Travelers who get stopped must then provide proof of their means, such as through certified checks, pay letters, credit cards, or traveler's checks.

It turns out this little-known rule has been in place since early 2022 for citizens of all « third countries» outside the European Union.

Because inspections are not always carried out, many were not aware of their existence at all. Especially in the spring, that is, in the low season, and there were few tourists themselves.

There are a lot of questions, especially for those who deliberately chose an all-inclusive vacation so as not to spend extra money.

This is immediately followed by a ready-made answer: “Obviously, they want achieve the Spaniards by restricting people who do not have much money. When people stay in all inclusive hotels, they don't spend money in the region, which means they don't help the local economy.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs lists two other documents that must be presented at the Spanish border control. These include a return ticket, as well as a document confirming the hotel reservation. “At the border control, you may be required to show a return ticket, show that you have enough money for your stay and show proof of residence during your stay in the country.”

On the website of the Ministry of the Interior Spain says: “Currently, the minimum amount for incoming third-country nationals is 100 euros per person per day, with a minimum of 900 euros or their equivalent in foreign currency. (Effective from January 1, 2022)».

«In the event that, when controlling the entry of foreigners into the territory of Spain, it turns out that someone lacks sufficient economic resources for the time that they wish to spend in Spain, they will be denied entry into Spanish territory in accordance with the law.

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