Tourists will have to pay extra for entering Abkhazia by car

To whom and how much?

For tourists will have to pay extra to enter Abkhazia by car

The authorities of Abkhazia have decided to introduce compulsory insurance for tourists entering the republic in cars with foreign registration . This was reported by Sputnik Abkhazia on Thursday.

Car owners will have to purchase liability insurance policies for their vehicles directly at the Russian-Abkhazian border, at the posts of the state traffic inspectorate “Bzyb” and “Primorskoye”. While they work from 08:00 to 21:00, however, they will soon become round-the-clock.

As ​​for the payment for the document, it depends on the quantity days during which tourists plan to travel around Abkhazia by car. The cost of the policy for 3 days is 500 rubles, for 15 days – 1000 rubles, for a year – 8500 rubles. At the same time, the fine for refusing insurance is 600 rubles.

“If a traffic accident occurs, the driver of the insured car will be paid 120 thousand rubles. This amount also includes the provision of medical care,” the message specifies.

Note that on social networks, many Russians have already reacted negatively to such an innovation . The problem is not even that tourists will have to pay, but in the queues that can form from those who take out insurance. Because of this, the border crossing time, which is already quite long, will increase even more. In addition, some are sure that the traffic police of the republic will now stop cars even more often to check the availability of insurance.

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