Trains between Amsterdam and London to be stopped for 11 months

Trains between Amsterdam and London will be stopped for 11 months

According to Dutch officials, the work will begin in June 2024 and will last until May 2025, while there will be no direct rail connection across the English Channel with Amsterdam during this period.

A Eurostar spokesman said that confirmation from the Dutch government had already been received, as well as an “interim solution” for the duration of the repair.

“The proposal to move the destination from Amsterdam to Rotterdam is not feasible due to capacity and security concerns. If this is the only option proposed by the ministry, the Eurostar Group will have no choice but to cancel its direct trains to Amsterdam,” a company spokesperson responded, stressing that Eurostar is open to compromise and is working with stakeholders to find a solution.< /p>

At the same time, the Dutch authorities cite the lack of space for passport control and baggage screening as the main reason for the closure for renovation. Once all work is completed, the station will be able to serve twice as many passengers.

Currently, Eurostar operates four flights a day between the two capitals. Over the past five years, the company has transported 1.6 million passengers from London to Amsterdam and back.

Note that after the Brexit transition period, border control led to a decrease in rail traffic by 30 percent.

< p> Experts pay attention and to inevitable ecological problems. Eurostar estimates that the cessation of rail service will result in 21 additional flights between the Netherlands and the UK daily.

The Eurostar railway company launched services in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in 2018 and has since transported 1.6 million passengers.

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