Travel Advisors: Get to know the TASK 24K Membership Program

Travel Advisors: Get to know the TASK 24K Membership Program

Tammy Levent.

Travel advisors looking to boost their business with practical sales and marketing tools need look no further than Tammy Levent’s new TASK 24K monthly membership program.

Levent is CEO of Elite Travel and founder of several other TASK educational brands which TASK 24K expands upon.

“The TASK 24K launch was designed with the mission of helping travel agents become more successful in their business,” Levent said. “I wanted to create an affordable program that provides actual tools, resources and education to help them market and grow their business.

“After 30 years of experience in the travel industry, I knew that success comes from having access to up-to-date, relevant content that agents can understand and apply.”

She added, “TASK 24K is a natural progression of the TASK program. The role of a travel agent is vital in this post-pandemic world and TASK 24K will meet the needs of agents no matter how dramatically the industry continues to change.”

TASK 24K also includes speakers who participate in the program’s podcast and webinar series – including those whom advisors would not typically have access to, like Kevin Harrington from “Shark Tank,” who will be featured in May.

Advisors who join TASK 24K are also entered into quarterly four-day all-inclusive resort giveaways. “The winner can then promote this trip as a giveaway with the help of the TASK team showing them how to market and use it for lead generation,” Levent said.

Participating resorts for 2023 are Dreams Royal Beach in Punta Cana, Breathless Sol in Cancun, Secrets Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic and Dreams Karibana Cartagena Golf and Spa Resort in Colombia, Inclusive Collection, part of World of Hyatt,

Additionally, the TASK 24K program features exclusive discounts and/or commissions from a range of companies, including ARYYVE Vacations. “Advisors would normally have to meet a booking quota to receive higher commissions,” Levent said. “With our TASK 24K program they can join and get exclusive higher commissions.”

“One booking alone in a year will more than pay for TASK 24K,” she added.

The cost is $24.95 a month or $280 for 12 months.

The TASK Kit alone, which is valued above the cost of membership, provides over 20 hours of cutting-edge training, Levent said.

The program also provides membership discounts to such organizations as ASTA, Travefy and Travel Industry Solution.

Meanwhile, suppliers and travel advisors are providing the program with ringing endorsements.

“Travelers today expect more from industry professionals in order to meet new travel-normal expectations,” said Randy Alleyn, CEO ARYYVE Inc. travel brands.

“Education, including continuous skills building, within our industry is more relevant than ever before.

“We are pleased to partner with Tammy Levent’s TASK 24K initiative, which is designed to augment this much-needed solution.”

“Tammy is a consummate professional who thinks it and makes it happen,” said Carlos Gonzalez, business development manager southeast for the Inclusive Collection that is part of World of Hyatt.

“Now TASK has become an institution to help advisors grow and develop and learn to better do their job.

“It’s a starting ground and something to build on, to become more professional and more effective and growth the business and become successful. We are partners and will continue to be under this new endeavor.”

“I took my first (of many) TASK Class in 2014 after hearing Tammy speak at a conference,” said Robert Riesmeyer, founder and experience curator of Travel Unrivaled and co-founder of Traveling Aware.

“At that time, I had been in the business for about five years and was fairly successful. TASK changed that to very successful.

“Tammy has changed my perspective of the travel industry from being an order taker and booker of tickets to thinking outside of the norm, growing my business in the ways that I love, and being a designer of unique one-of-a-kind travel experiences.”

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