Turkey opens world's first aquarium inside tunnel

The world's first aquarium inside a tunnel opened in Turkey

Trabzon tunnel aquarium connecting two valley, will become a key attraction in this part of Turkey, because it is the first and only such exhibit in the world, as well as the first public aquarium in the Black Sea region.

The area of ​​​​the aquarium is 3,500 square meters. m, it has eight different zones.

From the entrance, guests can admire the lakes and rivers of the world, including the Amazon — the longest and most full-flowing river on the planet, African lakes Tanganyika and Malawi.

Following the fresh water bodies in the terrarium zone, reptiles from different parts of the world are presented.

The experimental zone of the aquarium introduces guests to daily life of aquarists and biologists.

Thousands of species of fish from different seas live in the fourth zone.

More — Shark Hall, which provides information about the anatomy of sharks, their habitat and in general everything related to one of the most unusual creatures on the planet.

The “Touch and Know” zone; — another educational area where guests can experience many different experiences.

In front of the main attraction of the aquarium, the cave zone will allow you to see the life of the deep-sea inhabitants of our seas.

Finally, at the end of the aquarium, a tunnel awaits guests 21 meters long. This is the place for all the marine life of Turkey.

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