Turkish resort areas no longer threatened by fires

Turkish resort areas are no longer threatened by fires

We hasten to reassure all Russians – the situation with forest fires in Turkey has stabilized, the outbreaks have become much smaller, nothing threatens the coastal resort areas.

This conclusion can be drawn from the reports of the Turkish rescue services, and from the comments of Russians who are now in Turkey, in all kinds of Telegram channels.

If we summarize all these reports and comments, we get something like this:

  • there are fires, but they are much smaller than before, and they do not dangerous – even special aviation was no longer used to fight them;
  • the resort areas located in the coastal zone are not threatened;
  • there are no interruptions in electricity and the Internet;
  • the only inconvenience – sometimes there is a smell of smoke on the street, but it doesn’t really interfere with relaxing on the sea (there is practically no smell inside the hotels). 

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