Two brides and two grooms. How same-sex weddings work in Taiwan

Two brides and two grooms. How gay weddings are held in Taiwan

In Taiwan, you can easily meet a wedding where in the center of the holiday – two pretty girls in white dresses. And this is not a prank for the groom, these are real weddings of two girls.

Well, or there may be two grooms at the wedding, I understand, tin, many people want to spit… marriages. Taiwan became the first Asian country to allow such events, the court decided to allow such marriages back in 2017, and in 2019 they were finally legalized. True, Taiwanese can only marry citizens of countries where such marriages are also allowed.

 Two Brides and Two Grooms: How Same-Sex Weddings Work in Taiwan

This is rather strange considering that Taiwanese society is quite traditional. Girls who meet with foreigners are looked down upon by grandparents and often condemned. That children are brought up in such a way that they must take care of their elders, and girls, in general, expect that a man will be a support in the family. Moreover, weddings themselves, like ours, love different traditions and rituals.

How does this fit with non-traditional marriages?< /p>

In many different ways. What will the newlyweds have enough imagination for.

For example, a couple of years ago, several girls got married during mass weddings of military personnel in the country.

Two brides and two grooms. Same-sex weddings in Taiwan

Mass military weddings are, in principle, an unusual event. But many military personnel want to get married in such a way that their personal holiday will turn out to be larger. And in the case of military girls and their brides, everything is the same as in traditional families. To be honest, such couples in the crowd of newlyweds do not even visually stand out from the traditional ones.

Two brides and two grooms. How gay weddings are held in Taiwan

Military Brides are short, sporty, and in military uniform. It's hard to distinguish them from young military guys, and if you don't know, you might not guess that this is an unconventional future family.

But sometimes two grooms or two brides play a wedding only for family and friends, and both brides can look feminine on them, or two grooms wear dark tuxedos. In general, dress without gender stereotypes.

And for those who want to keep the traditions as much as possible, there is even an option to have a wedding in a Buddhist monastery . There have already been such precedents, two girls came to the monastery and held a ceremony there – they pronounced oaths and so symbolically secured the union.

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