Two citizens of Latvia detained on the Polish-German border

Two citizens of Latvia were detained on the Polish-German border

When trying to cross the Polish-German power border Poland stopped a suspicious bus. It was carrying two escorts and 13 migrants.

Both Latvian citizens were over 35 years old. They transported foreigners in a cargo bus. The bus driver told the Polish border guards that he had picked up these people from a parking lot in Lithuania and had to take them to Germany at the request of a man he did not know.

During the inquiry, it turned out that nine of the passengers — they are citizens of Afghanistan, two more declared that they were citizens of Tajikistan, and two more identified themselves as Russians.

Latvians who transported these persons can be imprisoned for up to three years, while citizens of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Russia will be asked to leave the territory of Poland as soon as the authorities carry out all the necessary procedures.

It is believed that Russian citizens tried to enter Germany illegally now that most EU countries have imposed restrictions on them. However, the Polish authorities have not yet made any official statement on this issue.

It was previously reported that a total of 258 Russian citizens entered Latvia through its land border within 24 hours from 2 to 3 October . The State Border Guard Service of Latvia stated that these figures are five times less compared to the number of Russian citizens who entered Latvia's neighboring countries, such as Lithuania — 1 336 and Estonia — 1 245.

In addition to the above, the Latvian State Border Service reported that since September 19, when the entry ban for Russians was introduced, the number of Russian citizens entering Latvia has decreased by 22 percent.

Currently, only those who meet certain conditions are allowed to enter Latvia. Only 15 percent of all Russians who were allowed to enter the country had a national visa, and another 40 percent — residence permit in Latvia.

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