Two families on two cars to the sea: Gelendzhik and beyond

Two families in two cars to the sea: Gelendzhik and beyond

“We visited the sea for the first time. We went on our own, two families in two cars. Ahead of two weeks of rest, 2000 km, so many new and interesting things – these thoughts just blew my mind. The joy of the children knew no bounds, they literally glowed with happiness. We were looking for information about campsites, we planned to stay at one of them, near Gelendzhik. We took tents, mattresses, chairs and all related things. They filled the entire trunk and not only. The reader of “Subtleties” Galina tells about her adventures.

On the road

We left on June 13, 2022. We stopped at the Praga Hotel for the night, drove past Volgograd, visited the Motherland, took pictures. The second time we stopped to spend the night in a luxury hotel in Salsk. Despite the fact that we arrived at 23:00, we were greeted and fed deliciously.

These two days were cloudy, we did not dare to stop in tents, we were afraid with the children. We arrived in Arkhipo-Osipovka, they showed us several mini-hotels, we chose the most comfortable one not far from the sea, changed clothes and ran to the embankment. Tired but happy, for the first time in our lives we stood a meter from the sea and could not believe our eyes. In my opinion, I did not let go of the phone, I wanted to capture all these emotions and the delight of children. Housing cost us 3000 RUB per day. Very cozy place, with two bedrooms, quiet neighbors, and most importantly – 5 minutes from the sea.

Beach, trip to the mountains, excursions

On the second day we went to the beach and, of course, burned out, and that's all. Dorval, is called. Walking along the embankment, we looked through all the excursions and chose the three most interesting ones.

The first is a jeep trip to the mountains, to a grotto, to waterfalls, to a mountain cafe. When we drove at speed along shallow rivers, they squealed so that we could probably be heard in the neighboring city. Delight and rzhach for the whole district! Very beautiful places, endless green crowns and freshness everywhere.

The second excursion was a 4-hour boat trip. The ticket price for one person is 3000 RUB, it does not matter if it is a child or not. The cost did not scare at all, the main thing is to give children emotions, because they are for life!

We listened to the briefing and flew in full sail. We visited the Parus rock. We stopped where there are a lot of jellyfish, watched, tried to catch them, swam in the open sea, took pictures, were happy and satisfied, filmed on video, just looked at the beautiful rocky shores. That's very beautiful!

The most exciting thing is that we saw dolphins at arm's length, they swam very close as a family with children and accompanied us for a long time. Personally, I squealed louder than the children. An unforgettable trip!


The third excursion is Gelendzhik. According to the plan: a cable car, a zoo, a show concert, children's entertainment, walks along the embankment, a Ferris wheel on the mountain itself. We went by bus, the guide told very interesting stories on the way, stopped in Durso, tasted delicious wines. We visited the petting zoo. It was scary on the cable car, but the squeak inside rejoiced and wanted to scream with joy. When it was already dark, we took a ride on the Ferris wheel. The city below could not be seen because of the dense fog. I was a little upset, as they promised a beautiful view from above on the night city. But when we went a little lower, the fog began to dissipate, and we managed to see everything. It's very beautiful, amazing views!

We visited the dolphinarium, went around all the rides, walked the streets a lot, got high from the local atmosphere, went to the water park, climbed Mount Hedgehog, very powerful and colorful! Every day we spent on the beach, swam, sunbathed, if delicious shawarma, dined in cafes, collected shells, beautiful pebbles, and looked for crabs in large boulders, in stones. In the evenings, we grilled kebabs, drank real wine bought at the tasting, rested and talked a lot. Sometimes neighbors joined us – a couple from Tyumen and a mother with children from Samara.

We were very lucky with the weather, all the days were sunny, but it rained at night, it was very refreshing, it was humid in the morning.

12 days flew by! Of course, we did not want to leave, but we promised ourselves to return again.

For a very long time we dreamed of going to the sea, but the schedules did not coincide with my husband. And when it coincided with four adults in June, it was very cool! Without hesitation, we started collecting. Riding with two families is fun and exciting.

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