Two stars in Dubai: can you book or not

Two stars in Dubai: you can book or not

Prices for Dubai hotels 3-4 * frankly bite, and tourists often look for budget options. I want to relax, air tickets and package tours have skyrocketed in price, so sometimes you have to agree to a “kopeck piece”. Rates in two-star hotels in the Emirates are very different – from 173 to 570 AED for a standard double room for one night. Here's what you can count on for such a sum:

Location, conditions

Most of the budget hotels are located in the central areas of Dubai. You can look for accommodation in the areas of Deira, Bar Dubai or Al Barsha. But you need to prepare for the fact that these are busy, non-tourist parts of the city. Having settled there, you will have to plunge headlong into the local flavor, get used to the almost round-the-clock noise and meet with numerous representatives of Asian countries who come to Dubai to earn money – to build and maintain all these luxurious skyscrapers.

A typical Dubai “kopeck piece” is a building of several floors with a slightly “tired” interior.


2 * hotels located in close proximity to the center, attractions and popular malls, usually with tolerable level of service. But they are also more expensive.

Many rooms include breakfast. Meals are monotonous and there are no additional services. In rare cases, a free shuttle to the beach or the opportunity to use the pool of a neighboring hotel of a higher level is provided. But this is rather an exception to the rule. 1/1

Typical Dubai “kopeck piece” – a building of several floors with a slightly “tired” interior . Most often there is no own territory, the exit is right on the street. In the rooms – how lucky: sometimes there is modern furniture and everything is very good, and sometimes quite the opposite.

How to choose and not miscalculate?

When choosing a 2 * hotel, the standard rule applies – the cheaper, the worse. It is likely that for 170 AED you will get a view from the window of a dirty courtyard, old plumbing, cockroaches in the room and washed out bedding. Alas, there are plenty of such fabulously rich sheikhs in the city. For 350-450 AED, you can count on a fresh renovation, high-quality cleaning and a working air conditioner. 1/1

So to book or not?

In popular booking systems, rare Dubai two-star hotels have a rating above 8 points out of 10. Most often – 6-6.5. Mostly guests complain about interruptions in hot water, non-return of the deposit for the room at the agreed time, lack of cleaning, checking into a dirty room, old faulty plumbing. Of the pluses, only the convenient location and price are noted. Many summarize – such hotels are only suitable for 1-2 nights. Others admit that for their money this is quite a tolerable option.

When choosing a 2 * hotel, you need to carefully read reviews and choose places with a higher rating, at least from 7.5. You should not choose the cheapest options (99 & # 160;%, that the price is not because of the generosity of the manager), you should also pay attention to the location. Some hotels are very far from the center and attractions – the road will take hours. There are no budget hotels within walking distance from the beaches, and a free shuttle to the coast is also almost never provided. All logistics will have to be thought out independently.

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