UK bans Lufthansa's environmental ads

Lufthansa's eco-friendly ads have been banned in the UK

Advertisement appeared on the website Lufthansa in June 2021 as part of the #MakeChangeFly campaign with an environmental message. But it turned out that the slogan “Lufthansa Group. We connect the world. Protecting the future» violates UK advertising laws as it has “consumer misleading” characteristics according to the Advertising Standards Authority.

In a decision published the day before on Wednesday, the regulator said consumers could interpret the slogan as “an environmental reference to Lufthansa's approach to aviation protecting the future of the world.”

The regulator said that Lufthansa's choice of images from a slogan superimposed on a picture of half an airplane and half a globe can be confusing.

Lufthansa denied the claims, saying the ad cannot be seen as a promise. The slogan was simply an affirmation of the mission to engage people in the environmental issues associated with flying.

However, in their report, the British concluded that the advertisement made it clear that Lufthansa had already taken significant action to mitigate the environmental impact of air travel. In fact, many of Lufthansa's sustainability initiatives will only begin to bear fruit years or decades into the future.

“We all need to be clear: there are currently no environmental initiatives or commercially viable technologies in the aviation industry, that would confirm the absolute veracity of the statement “Protecting our future.” Namely, this is how consumers will interpret it, », — explains the report.

Last month, Lufthansa came under fire for launching a series of feed-in fares that the airline claims will help passengers enjoy “more climate-friendly flights.” by offsetting out-of-pocket carbon emissions and surcharges for sustainable jet fuel.

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