Until the lira has risen: what can you buy in Turkey for the price of a odnushka in Moscow

Before the lira rose: what can you buy in Turkey for the price of a odnushki in Moscow

Buying an apartment in Turkey for some is a cherished but distant dream, for others it is a goal for the next couple of months. The last thing to do is to hurry up with its implementation. As long as the lira has not risen, there is a chance to become owners of a more comfortable or larger apartment, or even a house. And they will cost no more than a Moscow odnushka. To make sure of this, “Subtleties” studied the Turkish real estate market and found out what 11 million rubles would be enough for, which can now be earned for the sale of a one-room apartment in Moscow. In terms of local currency, 11,000,000 RUB, almost 3,400,000 TRY or a little less than 207,000 USD (often real estate prices on websites are indicated in dollars).


Ankara is not Moscow for you. You can buy here for the specified amount not even a one-room, but a 4-room apartment with a dressing room, two bathrooms and three bedrooms in an elite residential complex. There are options in the popular Kecioren area in the northern part of the city. For connoisseurs of picturesque views, 3,300,000 TRY will be enough for a 3-room apartment overlooking the lake in the Incek area, beloved by foreigners. Those for whom one apartment is not enough, with great luck, can count on a couple of 4-room apartments in the same Kecioren, only the LCD will no longer be elite.


In Istanbul, the funds from the sale of a Moscow odnushka will definitely be enough to buy an analogue of the Russian dvushka – an apartment with one bedroom and a living room (if you're lucky, you can buy two of these apartments). You can consider both the secondary market and new residential complexes. Apartments with two and three bedrooms cost from 4,200,000 TRY. Although in the Avcilar area, located in the western part of the city on the coast, you can buy a two-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​87 sq. m for 2 750 000 TRY.1/1

Turkish Riviera

Turkish real estate sites are inundated with advertisements for the sale of apartments on the Turkish Riviera. Houses and apartments on the sea coast are of interest to Russians more than other options.

In Alanya, a couple of kilometers from the sea for 2,900,000 TRY, you can immediately buy a couple of apartments with two bedrooms and a living room in a modern residential complex with its own water park, hammam, cafe on the territory. In Konyaalti, for TRY 3,200,000, new houses with three bedrooms, a heated jacuzzi in the garden and parking for two cars are put up for sale. True, it is far from the sea – 36 km. In Mahmutlar, for 2,950,000 TRY, 200 meters from the sea, you can buy a duplex with three bedrooms, three balconies, two bathrooms and a living room combined with a kitchen, and the rest for the arrangement will be almost 500,000 TRY. The same 2,950,000 TRY will be enough for two apartments in the center of Mahmutlar with an area of ​​110 sq. m with two bedrooms, sea and mountain views, a swimming pool and a water park on the territory of a residential complex. 1/1

Money from the sale of a Moscow odnushka will be enough to buy a three-bedroom apartment in a secure residential complex with a swimming pool and underground parking on the coast of Antalya itself. You will need to pay the same 2,950,000 TRY for them – there will also be left to immodestly celebrate a housewarming party.

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