Uway is a new version of Visa Travel Visa Application Center

Uway — new version of Visa Travel Center

What has changed:

  • added new immigration and relocation services, including obtaining citizenship and residence permits in many countries of the world;
  • improved the previously introduced visa services — the list of countries and design options has increased;
  • reliance on the Human2Human concept, in which there are not just clients and visa specialists, but living people with desires and aspirations;
  • more useful information for — cases and feedback from those who have already obtained a visa/citizenship/residence permit;
  • increased the level of communication through the creation of a community in Telegram and updating the Vkontakte group — a lot of fresh information about visas, residence permits, citizenship of different countries and movements around the world;
  • new corporate identity and logo — from the website and social media to new signage and business cards.

Things stay the same:

  • the founding principles of — not just providing visa and immigration services, but helping people achieve their plans and dreams;
  • understanding the value of time — a team of specialists will perform the service on time, while always being in touch;
  • individual approach to each client — Uway specialists will analyze the situation and draw up a personal strategy of action so that the client's request is fulfilled and the communication process is comfortable;
  • high work efficiency — for most services, you do not need to visit the office and bring a bunch of documents, you can do it remotely;
  • documentary support for the promises of the company — a contract for the provision of services is drawn up, in which all the details of the performance are prescribed;
  • work with organizations — orders for services are accepted not only from individuals, but also from legal entities;
  • blog and news from the world of tourism — regularly updated sections of the Uway website.

Uway — new version of Visa Travel


H2: Mission and new style of Uway

According to Denis Shipkov, founder of Uway, the new mission of — it is about helping clients expand their capabilities by solving problems outside their country of residence.

The updated logo and company name reflect its mission and symbolize free and fast travel around the globe.

H2: New Business Lines

Visa preparation services continue to be a significant part of Uway's operations. Also, due to the growth of the company, new directions were added.

H3: Immigration

Every year the number of those wishing to immigrate increases, so the Uway team decided to expand the list of services in this area.

Now you can apply for a residence permit in countries such as Spain, Serbia, Turkey, Poland, Montenegro, Portugal, etc.< /p>

Citizenship in Turkey, Grenada, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as US residency is also available.

H3: Relocation

In such a difficult time as now, it is especially important to know about relocation. The company's experts will be happy to tell you about the intricacies of this process and, if necessary, help you obtain the necessary visa or residence permit.


H3: Author's tours in Russia and abroad

A large part of the company's updates is devoted to the organization of author's tours as an independent activity of Uway.

What is interesting about the author's tour? Unlike the tour of a major tour operator, the author's trip involves visiting non-tourist, but no less interesting places, as well as a small number of participants.

The atmosphere of the author's tour is similar to friendly gatherings, where everyone will feel comfortable and will not be left without attention.

The guide of such a tour knows the local customs and peculiarities of the country or region, which means you can be calm — you will be shown the best places without imposing unnecessary services.

Uway specialists will select a tour for you based on your preferences for the type of holiday, budget and direction of travel.

At the moment, unique trips to Kamchatka, Altai, Karelia, the North Caucasus, etc. are available. There are also tours to Turkey, Thailand, Bali, South Africa and Kenya. The list is constantly updated.

H2: A new format for communicating with customers

The main goal of the Uway team was to get closer to their customers and help even more than before.

Now communication is carried out not only through the usual social networks, instant messengers and calls, but also with the help of the Telegram community.

The Uway community contains up-to-date information on visas, conditions of entry into various countries, relocations and immigrations, as well as case studies and discussions of popular issues in video format.

Information is provided by team members, Russian and foreign visa experts.

H2: Summary information< /strong>

Wherever you want to go to anywhere in the world, Uway specialists will provide qualified assistance in preparing a visa, residence permit or citizenship and make your trip as comfortable as possible for you.

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