Venice's famous canals dry up due to severe drought

Venice's famous canals dry up due to severe drought

Dry weather led to a period ebb — the so-called “retreating current”. For this reason, several small canals of the city dried up, the movement of gondolas was stopped. For tourists, this means not being able to explore many of the most beautiful streets on gondolas. Moreover, it is now difficult for ambulances to reach their destinations.

Many factors are to blame for the abnormally dry weather: a long absence of rain, and high pressure, and a full moon, and sea currents.

According to experts, the water shortage in Venice has been increasing since the winter of 2020-2021. It takes 50 days of rain to restore normal levels.

In recent years, Venice has taken quite a few steps to protect its waterways and combat excessive tourism, including the authorities banning large cruise ships from entering the lagoon near Piazza San Marco and the Giudecca Canal, have declared the waterways around Venice a “national monument”. The city's efforts were not in vain: it remains on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in danger of extinction.

On top of that, Venice plans to introduce fees for day trips. True, the start of the program has been delayed several times, and it is not clear when it will take effect.

While smaller canals have suffered from drought, major waterways, such as the Grand Canal, remain fully navigable.

Venice is not alone in dealing with the weather. In the Alps, several ski resorts were forced to close in January due to lack of snow and freezing temperatures.

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