Visa-free slopes: 6 European resorts where you can ski this winter

Visa-free slopes: 6 European resorts where you can ski this winter

Trips to the ski resorts of Austria, Switzerland and Italy, of course, are not prohibited, but for most it is too troublesome – getting a visa is long and dreary, to get with 2-3 transfers, the costs have increased significantly. On the other hand, our Krasnaya Polyana has become fed up with a couple of years of the pandemic and already wants to rush somewhere far away.

A suitable alternative to the Alps is the Balkans and Turkey: perhaps there will not be enough scope of Mayrhofen, the romance of Megeve and the impeccability of Zermatt, but the service, infrastructure and quality of the slopes are at a decent level.

At the present time prices can be called humane.

1. Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The resort of Jahorina is located only 30 km from Sarajevo. The season there lasts from November to April, but it is better to come towards the end of January or in February, when the snow cover reaches its maximum height. There are 7 red slopes in Jahorina, one blue and several black ones, their total length is about 20 km. This place is popular among residents of neighboring countries who come here to ski for the weekend or for a short vacation. Although our tourists were rarely seen there before, the staff of most hotels understands Russian.

There are few hotels in Jahorina itself, but there is a choice – you can rent a chalet with panoramic windows Chalet le Secret Jahorina for 40 thousand and enjoy your vacation in a big way or stay in apartments for 4000-9000 rubles per night. The best hotel in the resort is the luxurious Termag Jahorina, which can compete with Courchevel's “five” in terms of quality of services and its price tag. There are a lot of hotels within a radius of 6–8 km, for example, in the town of Pale at the foot, but from there you can only get there by your own car or a rare ski bus.

2 . Kopaonik, Serbia

Kopaonik is one of the most popular winter destinations in the Balkans and the largest ski resort in Serbia with 60 km of pistes of different difficulty levels: 11 blue, 7 red and 4 black. The slopes are 97% “shootable” by snow cannons, there are many lifts – together they are able to transport up to 30 thousand people per hour. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Kopaonik offers tubing, ice skating, zipline and skeleton. Infrastructure and apres-ski are available: swimming pools, saunas, nightclubs, restaurants. For children – attractions and children's discos.

Tourists praise Rtanj Kopaonik Eco Resort & Spa located right on the slope. For pathos and fashionable photos, go to the Grand Kopaonik Hotel. 5o/do/5odopmpfopc8kgs0wwc8okgog.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Visa Free Slopes: 6 European Resorts to Ski This Winter

3. Uludag, Turkey

Beginners will like Uludag – there is only one black track and 6 red ones, but as many as 10 green and 8 blue ones. Their total length is about 20 km; You can ski from December to March. The resort is considered one of the most fashionable in Turkey, although the prices there are much lower than in Europe. At the height of the season, there are many domestic tourists, travelers from Russia also fell in love with this place. A ski pass is included in the price of accommodation in Uludag hotels. As it should be in Turkey, the resort has a lot of all-inclusive and full board hotels. Overnight at Bof Hotel Uludag Luxury Ski & Spa Resort AI 5 * will cost 28 thousand rubles, and the “standard” in the Grand Yazici Ski Hotel & Spa costs from 19 thousand.

4. Stara Planina, Serbia

Serbia's youngest ski resort on Mount Babin Zub, the slopes of which are covered with snow 4–5 months a year. The length of the tracks is only 13 km, but they have the most modern equipment. Now Babin Zub is more suitable for beginner skiers and snowboarders, but it is being actively built up and developed.

The resort does not have luxury chalets and large hotels, the choice is limited to apartments or rooms in small family hotels located a few kilometers from the ski lifts. For example, Vila Nika and Aphrodite Hills Apartments — Stara Planina deserve a high rating, where the cost of a spacious double room does not exceed 3000 rubles per night.

5. Palandoken, Turkey

The Turkish winter sports team trains in Palandoken – this fact indicates the high level of the resort in terms of equipment. The total length of the slopes is 40 km, the longest one is 12 km, 7 blue, 8 red and 2 black. Lifts transport more than 6,000 people per hour (6 adults and 2 children); beginners can use the services of Russian-speaking instructors.

Many hotels are all inclusive or offer breakfast. The lifts belong to large 4-5 * hotels, respectively, a ski pass is included in the price of their stay. If you check into Sway Hotels 5* (30 thousand rubles per night for two in a standard room) or Hilton Garden Inn Erzurum 5* (10 thousand), you can leave the hotel – right to the ski slope.

6. Zlatibor, Serbia

Zlatibor is a multidisciplinary resort that has gained popularity due to its wellness centers. But in winter it turns into a full-fledged skiing. There is one of the best ski resorts in Serbia near Mount Tornik. The length of the slopes is small – about 8 km, there are 4 in total. The slopes are ideal for beginners and children, but professionals will be bored there. The season lasts from mid-December to March, thanks to snow cannons, the slopes are suitable for skiing more than 100 days a year.

A few hundred meters from the ski lift is Vila Stil Tornik – a nice and cozy holiday home for only 7,000 rubles. You can stay further away – at the Central Inn 4 *, where for 4000 rubles they will settle in a spacious double room, the price includes breakfast.

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