We ate like a grandmother in the country: a review of a 2-star hotel in Antalya

Fed like a grandmother in the country house: a review of a 2-star hotel in Antalya

Reader “Ton bones of tourism” Anna and her mother spent a week in Antalya in a 2* hotel. Was she afraid to fly into such stardom? And how! Did the hotel exceed expectations? Seems to be yes. Anna's word.

We didn't plan a vacation in advance

Is it possible to spend a week in sunny Antalya economically, without crowds of tourists and queues at the buffet? Definitely yes. My mom and I did not plan our vacation in advance, but a week in advance. Perhaps that is why we decided to choose the most inexpensive 2 * hotel. Before that, we had not rested in such a stardom and therefore were afraid of the expression “expectation – reality.”

Antalya, hotel Benna 2*

We took a burning ticket. Flight Moscow – Antalya for two and 5 nights in a hotel with meals “breakfast and dinner” cost us 62,000 RUB. Considering today's prices, I think it's very cheap. Especially when you consider that we flew with Turkish Airlines. The food was very tasty on board, it was comfortable.

Not read reviews

In fact, we needed the hotel only for an overnight stay, we planned to spend most of the time at sea. Therefore, we chose the lowest price package for 6 days, without even reading reviews about the hotel. And the most interesting thing is that Benna 2 * turned out to be surprisingly tolerable. When buying a ticket, you could leave only breakfast or, with an additional payment of a couple of thousand rubles, you could also take dinner. We decided that we would take dinner as well, so as not to waste time looking for a cafe, and if we wanted to sit somewhere at sunset, then we would simply not come to the hotel, but eat on the side.

We arrived at the Benna Hotel early in the morning

Breakfast that day could be taken for an additional fee, but we decided not to bother, go to the embankment and eat with a beautiful view. The hotel is located in a quiet area of ​​Konyaalti, close to many private apartments where locals live. It neighbors through a fence with a garden. Therefore, if you cannot stand children's laughter and screams, then this hotel is not for you. We were saved by the fact that we did not sit in the hotel and heard the children only early in the morning at breakfast.

The territory of the hotel is very small, but for its 2 * it is quite cozy. All in bright orange-yellow.

Flowers grow along the walls of the building, in the middle there is a small fountain with turtles. There is a swimming pool, but very small, the windows of the restaurant overlook it. There were 4 sun loungers nearby, during the entire stay I didn’t see anyone on them: everyone went to the sea, which was 5 minutes on foot. 1/1

The hotel does not have its own beach

But there is a Cherry cafe, which gives hotel guests a discount on sunbeds, since they have the same owner. By the way, the owner will meet you at the reception, and place you, and will resolve all issues, and call a taxi. He is quite funny: a short man who speaks good Russian.

We took a “standard” room

We roughly understood what might await us in a 2 * hotel, so we put up with the old furniture, which is simply outdated, but normal, and with a shower not made of glass, but made of a rag curtain, and with the lack of water, a kettle and slippers. But there were bathrobes and glasses.

Breakfast at the hotel is very simple and tasteless, so if you can eat a boiled egg and cucumber with bread, then everything is fine. We had a snack of coffee or tea with cereal and milk and went to the beach, then just ordered something in a cafe. At the so-called buffet you will find two types of cheese, one type of sausage, arugula, cucumbers, tomatoes and olives. There will also be one kind of cereal, milk, jam, boiled eggs. This is all. Dinner was better because there was no buffet, it looked more like lunch in the dining room. You come up, and on a tray they give you hot soup, a vegetable salad and a side dish with chicken meat. Drinks at dinner were at an additional cost.

The food was homemade, tasty, without frills, we ate like a grandmother in the country. This did not bother us, I repeat, the main thing is to understand that you came to a very inexpensive low-star hotel, but you are in Turkey and at the sea.Once I deliberately crumpled a towel on the floor and left it, then they changed it. We used towels from the room on the beach, we were not scolded. Benna Hotel 2 * is a small 4-storey building, so there are not many people. To be honest, it is ideal for pensioners, and the bulk of them here, 80 percent, are elderly Russian couples. We were with my mother and a couple with a child, but, as I understand it, they stayed for a day and left: there is nothing to do with children here. There was no animation in the evenings, but we didn’t need it, we walked along the embankment, went to the nearest Migros shopping center, a couple of minutes by taxi (about 100 RUB). 1/1

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What to see

The old town of Antalya Kaleiçi is located from the hotel about 40 minutes walking along the embankment. If you go in the morning, then only by taxi, as it is uncomfortable to walk in the heat. You can walk along the embankment to the aquarium: a beautiful place, about 30 minutes on foot, or again by taxi. There is a lot of entertainment, we didn’t sit in the hotel for a day, so everything suited us.


Benna 2* is not for a spoiled tourist, but for those who go to the sea, and not to a hotel. This is an old hotel with poor breakfasts, but the pensioners who lived there looked contented and happy. Our room was clean, did not smell of dampness, all the plumbing worked and the mattresses were quite comfortable. What else do you need to just spend the night?

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