We do not need to go there: 5 places in Antalya where you should not go

We don't need to go there: 5 places in Antalya where you shouldn't go

In any popular resort there are places that are clearly not worth spending time and money on, and Antalya is no exception in this sense . “Subtleties” made up an anti-rating of five places – districts, entertainment and shopping centers, attractions, acquaintance with which you can safely skip.

5. Dolphin Aqua Land

This institution, designed (in theory) to please children and adults, received a lot of conflicting reviews. Some travelers praise the artists of the dolphinarium (read – dolphins and seals), others assure that the program is not interesting enough and too short. Other disadvantages of Dolphin Aqua Land (Meltem Mah., Dumlupınar Bulv., 07030 Konyaaltı/Muratpaşa) — it closes early, the slides in the water park area are old, there are not enough shadows and “cheesecakes” for everyone, and the prices — where do these prices come from?

4. Antalium Premium Mall

The authors of many reviews agree on the following: Antalium Premium Mall (off. site) – similar to a palace, crowned with a dome, beautifully illuminated – is good only in appearance. Inside, guests are greeted by a “sweet couple”: not the best assortment of things, mainly made in China, and unreasonably high prices.

3. Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium receives more and more below average ratings every year. Main verdict: “not big”. Tourists complain about dirty and “bald” aquariums, too high prices with a rather meager “range” of fish species, huge crowds and tightness: for example, many have to watch the popular shark feeding “event” because of other people's backs.

2. Districts of Yeshildere, Gebizli, Sharampol

These micro-districts of the resort Antalya top the lists of the most disadvantaged, while some of our compatriots unknowingly settle in them – housing there is painfully cheap. It is they who later say that drug dealers and robbers are operating here, there are loud fights at night, to which the police come, specific holidays and rituals are held. The fact is that in the micro-districts of Eshildere, Gebizli, Sharampol, gypsies, refugees, illegal immigrants and simply downcast citizens settle in whole clans. You can look into these areas only for the sake of visiting local markets. But you need to do this strictly during the day – and hold your wallet with your phone tightly.

1. Cleopatra Beach

A very advertised place (GPS coordinates: 36.553534, 31.972280), which terribly loses if you look at it more closely. The first negative is stone slabs overgrown with algae at the entrance to the water. Slippery, a wave can hurt to attach. The second is a paid toilet. (However, here tourists share a life hack: the price is different on different parts of the beach, you can find where it is cheaper.) The third is a sharp increase in depth immediately after the plates. And, finally, the sand is not so gorgeous there, as they say. sized/f550x700/ev/3z/ev3ze66f53wwcgo8k88oowko8.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

We don't need to go there: 5 places in Antalya you shouldn't go


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