Weak and unglued: Russian men on the beaches from different points of view

 Weakened and unstuck: Russian men on the beaches from different points of view

“Weakened and unstuck” – this is how the Russian guys were described in one Swedish newspaper. According to statistics compiled by an international dating site, our compatriots are among the three most unattractive men along with the Poles and the British, and the famous couturier Karl Lagerfeld called Russia the country of the most beautiful women in the world and the most terrible men. The easiest way to judge how much the Russians deserve such unflattering reviews is when they are on the beach.

Features of the national physique

Untrained muscles, excess weight and a beer belly – alas, this is what many domestic men look like, especially those who are older. Young people find time for gyms and fitness centers, but they mainly pump their arms, and it doesn’t always come to the press and legs. Therefore, on the beach, a strange sight opens up to others – steep biceps and a relaxed belly on thin legs. Against this background, tall Germans and Dutch, slender Spaniards and French, athletic Serbs win. But obese Americans could well measure their bellies with ours on the beach. The most observant recognize Russians also by their posture: natives of Russia often stoop, and foreigners keep their backs straight.

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