What a mess! How not to behave at the buffet

What an outrage! How not to behave at the buffet

At first we wanted to arrange the material in the style of Grigory Oster’s bad advice – something like “be sure to put everything on a plate with a mountain/the one who does otherwise offends the cooks”, but then we realized that part of the public already follows them with all diligence, and therefore may well not understand sarcasm and take recommendations at face value. Therefore, we write directly and frankly: this is not necessary. Don't imitate. Please.

1. Iterate over chunks

If you want to always get the sweetest piece, you need to go to your grandmother in the village, and not to a hotel with a buffet food system. Its rules forbid iterating over pieces, even if you really want to. You need to take what is closer. In extreme cases, ask the price of food in advance and outline a tidbit. And take it right away.

2. Taking too much

Following the principles of “We live once” and “Everyone will eat, stock up at once”, some people put Mont Blancs of food on their plate. Eating all this is difficult, sometimes even impossible – but for some reason this thought does not visit freebie lovers in time. Therefore, they leave behind heaps of half-eaten food. The problem is known: some hotels have already begun to carefully fine tourists who leave a lot in their plates.

What an outrage ! How not to behave at the buffet


3. Put everything on one plate

At the sight of such tourists, you begin to think that they were given only one plate at the entrance, explaining this by the fact that there is a shortage of dishes in the restaurant, there will not be enough for everyone. So poor fellows interfere with chicken with desserts, sauces with jam, and fruits with fish. But the use of several plates is even encouraged by the rules of the buffet. At least put fruits with sweets separately from meat. Food safety experts have named 7 dishes that should not be taken on the buffet.

4. Use the same tongs for all dishes

Some gentlemen do not see anything terrible in such a habit: they arm themselves with tongs somewhere near a stall with stewed pork and put them on everything from rice to desserts. It is clear that this cannot be done: each dish on the buffet comes with its own tongs or a spoon. Didn't find it? Take clean ones, you can't wash them.

5. Take food with you

“What? – thinks the caring mother of the family, putting fruits, buns, vegetables in a bag. “They have so many, they won’t eat them all anyway.” And we barely scraped together a ticket, even if we save on food, we won’t lose from them. ” And it seems that there is even some logic in her words, but the rules of behavior at the buffet are quite clear: food cannot be taken away from here. Maybe an apple or an orange.

6. Hurry

Everyone who has vacationed in the “all-inclusive” has at least once come across families who consider winning the food race to be the main task. They come at 7:55 if the restaurant opens at 8:00, burst into the hall, distributing zones – you are for sweets, you are for meat, you are for fruit – and they run as if the food is trying to hide back to the kitchen at the sight of them ( however, if it were so, we would understand it). You shouldn't be like them. After all, do not run headlong anywhere – this is the essence of relaxation.

7. Express dissatisfaction

Yes, by the end of lunch or dinner, battered chicken, tangerines and the patience of the staff may run out. But this is still no reason to loudly express their dissatisfaction with the scarcity of the assortment or the impoliteness of the workers. Still, food does not have to wait, and waiters with cooks do not have to listen to boorish remarks. If you think that the food objectively does not correspond to the declared one, tell the hotel guide or administrator about it.

8. To come in beachwear

Yes, it is not customary to come to the buffet in beachwear (in sportswear, in general, it is also not worth it). It is clear that you are at a resort and you are too lazy to change clothes. But still take this advice seriously if you do not want to hear after: “What outrage! Doesn't anyone know the elementary rules of behavior at the buffet?

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