What Americans don't like about the USA

What Americans don't like about the USA

A trip to the United States of America leaves many tourists with mixed feelings due to the peculiarities of local life and the nuances of travel organization. Russians, for example, often complain about long flights, difficulties in obtaining a visa, the dominance of fast food and high prices for normal, especially organic food, the need to leave tips everywhere, and the discrepancy between price tags in stores for the real cost of goods. But local residents are not happy with everything and talk about the difficulties they have to put up with – in total, six weighty points have accumulated.

1. Getting sick in the USA is very expensive, so much so that some citizens with serious health problems prefer to fly to other countries for treatment. For working Americans, health insurance usually covers the cost of visiting clinics – if not completely, then almost, since insurance premiums are very high. But if there is no insurance, treatment is not only expensive, for many it is an inaccessible luxury. Free medicine exists, but its availability is conditional – there are too long queues, even in emergency situations, help will have to wait a long time. If a person becomes ill on the street, you can call an ambulance, it will be free. But if it turns out that the patient's life was not in danger, the caller can be issued a rather large fine.

2. Maternity leave is very short compared to Russia in the USA: on average it is 12 weeks – 2 weeks before childbirth and 10 after. In different states, its duration is different, the minimum is 6 weeks. And it is not paid, there are no payments and benefits either – neither from the employer, nor from the state.

3. America has high taxes, the scale of taxation is progressive: the higher the income, the higher the percentage of tax. Many Americans do not like this approach, as there is no motivation to earn more. Almost all states have an additional income tax, it reaches 13.3%. In addition, you need to pay social contributions and health insurance contributions, which are divided between the employee and the employer – up to 8.65% in total. The self-employed pay the full amount, up to 16.2%. Inheritance and gift taxes are also rather big – 40%, however, only if their monetary equivalent exceeds certain thresholds.

4. Unemployment benefits are small and depend on the salary at the last job. If you happen to lose your job, it will be difficult to maintain your usual lifestyle. At the same time, there is no law in the States that obliges an employer to give 14 days notice of dismissal – that is, You can suddenly lose your job.

5. Vacations are short and depend on the duration of work in one place. In private companies, the first year is usually only 9 days, the second – 11, after 15 years of work you can claim 21 days, but this is the maximum. Conditions are somewhat better in state structures, but salaries are lower there.

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6. High-speed Internet in the states is expensive, so many Americans limit themselves to economy packages, suffering with freezing sites. The mobile signal is very weak, especially in big cities – among skyscrapers and in the subway.

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