What do Azerbaijanis think about Russians? 4 unexpected facts

What do Azerbaijanis think about Russians? 4 surprising facts

Serkan Uslu/Shutterstock.com Russians and Azerbaijanis have been living together for almost 200 years: in the 19th century, representatives of religious sects were resettled in the Transcaucasian provinces of the Russian Empire, later qualified specialists, mainly oil workers, moved here. Today there are more than 2 million Azerbaijanis in Russia, about 120 thousand Russians in Azerbaijan, and this is the largest diaspora in the Transcaucasus. The country has Orthodox churches and Russian theatres, schools and universities where classes are conducted in Russian. How do the inhabitants of the Republic of Azerbaijan treat their old neighbors, what do they think of them?

1. They are kind

Azerbaijanis who have moved to Russia say that the benevolent attitude of the local population helps them adapt to a new place. “The first pleasant impression on me was the kindness with which many Russian people treated me. They helped me selflessly. At first I was very homesick, but over time, thanks to the support of colleagues and friends, this passed,” says a student who moved from Baku to St. Petersburg.

2. They are funny

Azerbaijanis who have lived in our country consider Russians sociable and cheerful. “It’s always a lot of fun with them,” recalls a resident of the Caucasian republic who came to Russia to work. “After work, we could drink a glass or two together, play football on the console.” This opinion also applies to Russian women.

It is pleasant to talk with Russian women in company, you can drink beer or something stronger together and even watch football without mocking comments – this is how our compatriots are described on Azerbaijani websites.

3. They are frivolous

Young Azerbaijanis come to Russia not only to work, but also to have fun – for example, in Moscow clubs and restaurants. Most of all they like “a huge number of beautiful girls”: they delight the eye with short skirts and deep necklines, they are always positive, it is not difficult to get to know them.

For the older generation of Azerbaijanis, Russian women seem too frivolous, because they dress too revealingly and behave too relaxedly. Much stricter morals reign in Azerbaijani families: the wife does not actually have the right to vote, she must obey not only her husband, but also his parents, who will tell her how to dress, what to do and what to say.

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4. They are undemanding

Caucasian men consider Russian women not too prudent: they are surprised that our girls are ready to pay for themselves in a restaurant or a taxi, but in every way they approve of such disinterestedness.

Azerbaijanis are sure that it is not wealth or social status that is important for Russian women, but, first of all, the personal dignity and masculine qualities of their chosen one.

Comparing them with their compatriots, Azerbaijanis claim that girls in their country pay more attention on the material side of the relationship. A real man must certainly have his own housing, an expensive car and a good income – otherwise no one will even look in his direction.

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