What do Canadians think of Russians? 7 unexpected facts

What do Canadians think about Russians? 7 unexpected facts

Russia and Canada are separated by huge distances, and the inhabitants of the two countries know very little about each other. Satisfied with common stereotypes, most Canadians agree that it is very cold in Russia and its people cannot live without vodka. But their ideas about our national character are rather contradictory: some call Russians open and natural, others – harsh and restrained. What else do people think about Russians in the country of the maple leaf?

1. They are straight

Extremely tactful, even cautious in communication, Canadians consider Russians to be very straightforward: in a conversation, our compatriots immediately voice the essence of the matter, and do not beat around the bush. “Russians may ask you about your age, education, place of birth, nationality. Asking these questions to unfamiliar people is considered normal in their culture, ”the locals are surprised. Canadians themselves prefer to discuss neutral topics with strangers – weather, culture, sports. And they advise each other to communicate with Russians in this way, without touching on religion, politics and the socio-economic situation in Russia.

2. They are harsh

Eternally frowning, gloomy and laconic subjects who regularly drink vodka – this is how many Canadians imagine Russians. They are sure that among Russians it is not customary to say “please” or “thank you”, and smiling for no reason is very annoying to them.

“At first, it seemed to me that all passers-by were looking at me. I thought maybe my clothes were somehow different. Then it turned out that I was just smiling all the time! After all, in Canada it’s normal that everyone on the streets smiles, but here it’s not very common,” says Jack from Toronto, who has visited Russia twice.

3. They are frost-resistant

Residents of a northern country with not the most favorable climate consider Russian frosts to be something almost supernatural: they believe that many Russians survive downright in extreme weather conditions. To describe their own harsh winters, Canadians use the expression “it's cold outside, like in Siberia.” And this is said by people for whom snow, storm winds, hail, prolonged rains and sudden changes in temperature are an everyday reality.

4. They are free and natural

In Canada, it is widely believed that in our country there are fewer laws and social restrictions, so Russians are much freer than residents of Western countries. For example, they do not hesitate to show their feelings in public – even such as irritation and anger.

Canadian Josh, who moved to St. Petersburg, says that it was here that he became more open and real: “In Canada, all the people on the streets are polite and therefore a little stiff. They can't be too sad or too funny, they have limits they can't go out of in public. In Russia, people feel more free and comfortable, their range of emotions is much wider. Russians are more natural. Having lived in Russia, I learned to express myself more freely.”

5. They are hardworking

Canadian employers consider Russians to be calm, hard-working and reliable: they will always get the job done, so you can rely on them. So the Russian background for employment in Canada is rather a plus.

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6. They are hospitable

There are legends about the hospitality of Russians in Canada: it is believed that our people are ready to receive guests at any time of the day and will certainly pour them tea, coffee or vodka. Russians are very attentive to guests, they give them toasts and compliments, and it is better to come to the house of immigrants from Russia with gifts. On a Canadian site dedicated to immigration, it is recommended to give Russian men Canadian whiskey, and women – flowers and chocolate.

7 . They love sweets

Canadians are sure that all Russians have a sweet tooth: they pour so much sugar into tea that a centimeter-thick layer forms at the bottom. And the Russians are very fond of chocolate and treat them to those around them with or without reason.

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