What do Egyptians think about Russian women?

What do Egyptians think about Russian women

In sultry Egypt, a tourist from distant Russia will not be left without attention: the Egyptians are very fond of Russian beauties and believe that women who are not beautiful enough are simply not allowed to leave the harsh northern country abroad. What else do the inhabitants of the Arab Republic think about our compatriots?

1. They are beautiful

Most of all, the Egyptians are struck by the exotic beauty of Russian women – white skin, blond hair, blue eyes. Some even admit that for a long time they considered all Russian girls to be natural blondes. In addition, both Egyptians and Egyptians unanimously note the harmony, well-groomedness and excellent taste of Russian women: they are stylishly dressed, take care of their appearance and do not get better even after giving birth. 10 facts about Egypt: Guess if it's true or false.

2. They are interesting and energetic

Russians in Egypt are valued not only for their good shape: men from an Arab country complain that they are bored with their compatriots, but there is always something to talk about with Russian women, because they are active, energetic, educated and they have many interesting hobbies. Egyptian husbands praise Russian wives for their kindness, responsiveness and understanding, and also for the fact that they manage to do everything, just like in the White Sun of the Desert: “One wife loves, one sews clothes, one cooks food, one feeds children – and that’s all one”. Many Russian women who have moved to Egypt, after the birth of children, go to work and contribute to the family budget, while not forgetting to maintain order in the house, take care of their husbands and raise children.

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3. They are affordable

Unfortunately, in the view of (part of) Egyptians, Russian women are not only kind and beautiful, but also accessible – this opinion about our compatriots was formed back in the late 1990s, when Egypt, along with Turkey, was a popular destination for sex tourism. Since then, passions have calmed down a bit, and hot Egyptian guys no longer whistle after every fair-haired beauty, but do not hesitate to woo the girl they like. By the way, it is much easier for an Egyptian to marry a Russian woman than an Egyptian, because a Russian wife does not even need to pay a ransom (which is sometimes saved for years), provide her with housing and give her expensive jewelry.

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