What do firefighters do when there is no fire

What do firefighters do when there is no fire

TheHilaryClark Firefighters are responsible professions, so firefighters don't relax even when there are no calls. Their day is scheduled by the minute.

Check everything!

Firefighters have a 24 hour shift. The first thing they do when they go on duty is to check equipment and vehicles. This takes a lot of time, as the slightest negligence can cost a life. Each car has several compartments with sleeves, cutters, fire extinguishers, wire cutters, devices for supplying water and foam (the latter, by the way, is called blizzard). Everything should work like clockwork.

Particular attention is paid to personal protective equipment, oxygen supply devices are regularly tested on a special device. In the past, a mustache served as a means of protection for many firefighters, they were worn not only for beauty and giving a courageous look. Thick bristles above the lip protected from smog and burning, acting as a kind of filter.

Repetition is the mother of learning

Firefighters are constantly learning – they listen carefully and write notes. The knowledge necessary to save people must be constantly refreshed: this rule is the same for both beginners and veterans whose experience has exceeded 20 years.

Practicing skills on the “fire tower” is an important event. You need to go through a fragile staircase, climb to the very top as quickly as possible, knock out a door or enter through a window. Doing this in equipment weighing about 8 kg (and with a compressed air apparatus – all 20) is not easy, so firefighters regularly visit the gym to keep themselves in good shape. Each part has a training room with barbells, dumbbells and exercise equipment. The duration and types of exercises are not regulated: everyone determines the load for himself, so as not to have problems with passing the standards. Croatian firefighters watch the penalty shoot-out at their national team's match against England in the 2018 World Cup semi-finals

Psychological preparation

It is important for firefighters to keep their cool (and therefore sanity) in any situation, so psychological training is regularly held for them. And these are not conversations with a psychologist at all, as someone might think. How do you, for example, such psycho-training: go through the fire in full gear and get out of the labyrinth of the heat and smoke chamber, where because of the black smog you can’t see beyond your own hand?

After the fire

When firefighters return to the unit from a call, they do not immediately go to rest. First you need to dry the sleeves, equipment, replace the faulty equipment and bring the fire equipment back to full combat readiness. .tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/6h/uu/6huu4j5htjwgg8k4kkowc00g8.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What firefighters do when there is no fire

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