What do Italians think about Russians: 5 strange stereotypes

What Italians think of Russians: 5 Strange Stereotypes

For the inhabitants of the Apennine Peninsula, Russia is still terra incognita – a distant, cold and mysterious country with a complex language, confusing history and a gloomy unfriendly population. Moscow, St. Petersburg and Siberia – that's all that most Italians know about the geography of Russian cities and regions, and they, without going into details, consider all citizens of the former USSR to be Russians. “Subtlety” collected the most unexpected ideas about the Russians, common in Italy.

Russians don't get cold

Life in the realm of snow and frost has hardened the Russians so much that they simply do not feel the cold. Most of all, our ability to freeze is surprised in the southern regions of Italy, where in many houses there is no heating, and in winter it is as cool in apartments as on the street (+10 … + 15 ° C), so those who come from Russia have to wrap themselves in woolen clothes and turn on the heaters. According to the Italians, under such conditions, Russians should feel almost at home, because it is always cold in their homeland. And it is useless to explain that central heating works in Russia in winter, and in summer it is 40-degree heat. .tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/43/bt/43btelqxgmqs0gg8wkgoows8g.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Russians love to read the classics

Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are the two most popular Russian surnames in Italy. Moreover, many here are familiar with the names of Brodsky and Pasternak, Chekhov and Nabokov, Chagall and Kandinsky, Tchaikovsky and Diaghilev. In a word, Russian culture left a noticeable mark on Italian hearts, and the Italians borrowed the word intellighenzia from us, retaining both its meaning and pronunciation. As a result, local residents are sure that all Russians read classical literature avidly and do not go to bed without re-reading a couple of chapters from War and Peace or Crime and Punishment.

Russians don't count money

They order a bottle of wine for the price of a subcompact car, buy up fashion brands, hand out immodest tips and show complete indifference to the money spent – yes, yes, it's all about us Russians, and you can't say that it's completely without a reason. This is how wealthy Russian tourists behave in Italy, and Italians automatically transfer their love for everything expensive and exclusive to the population of the whole country.

They believe that we should learn to manage our finances properly and stop thinking that cheap is necessarily bad.

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