What do the Chinese buy in Russia?

What do the Chinese buy in Russia

Gubin Yury The Chinese rushed to Russia en masse at the beginning of the 2000s, after the conclusion of an agreement between our countries on a visa-free regime for short trips. In China, people with a certain level of income can afford to travel abroad, so they tend to spend heavily on shopping. Although there is one peculiarity here – Chinese groups always go with a guide. And he, in turn, leads them primarily to “verified” shops and restaurants. In many cases, the owners of these places are also Chinese. Thus, an impressive part of the yuan exchanged for rubles returns back to their homeland, and the guide regularly receives his “commission”.

Circle of national mutual aid.

Where do they shop?

The Chinese who wish to visit Russia are often offered tours that place a great emphasis on shopping. In this case, even before the trip, they think over what they want to buy, calculate the budget. If the group consists of wealthy citizens of the PRC, they are purchased in GUM, TSUM and other stores of the upper price segment. Tourists are more easily satisfied with a visit to Okhotny Ryad.

What do they take?

The top 3 Russian purchases by the Chinese include amber, fur products and jewelry. They call amber northern gold and believe in its healing properties. Tourists from the Celestial Empire take bracelets, earrings, pendants from this stone, purchase caskets, figurines, and small interior items. In China, it is believed that we have very favorable prices for furs and jewelry. Their products are much more expensive.

The Chinese are rather indifferent to confectionery: they can buy a bag of Alenka chocolates as an exotic, and that's it. They are little lovers of sweets. But a couple of bottles of Russian vodka will definitely be taken. Beluga is especially popular. But they take it not to drink, but for gifts.

The Chinese are grateful customers of souvenir shops. They are actively buying up expensive nesting dolls, Orenburg shawls, hats with earflaps in crazy colors, painted dishes.

Finally, another group of Russian goods in demand is cosmetics. The Chinese buy skin care products abroad because they have high tariffs in their country. They like Russian cosmetics for the optimal price-quality ratio: some tourists spend up to 30% of their vacation budget on it.

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