What do Turks think about Russians: 5 misconceptions

What Turks think about Russians: 5 misconceptions

It would seem that hundreds of thousands of Russians annually vacation in Turkey, and this has been going on for several decades. The locals had plenty of time to study “these strange Russians” and learn to understand them (that is, us). But no: there are still stereotypes here. For example, here are.

1. Russians drink a lot

Seriously? Still?! Healthy lifestyle, fitness and other proper nutrition have long grown from something fashionable and elite into an integral part of the life of many Russians. Yes, even in Turkish resorts, ours have not been annealed en masse for a long time and do not shout “Ta-gi-i-il!”. We declare with all responsibility: we have learned to have a cultural rest, and now it is not a shame to be close to compatriots. Almost always. media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What Turks think about Russians: 5 misconceptions

2. They don't like foreigners

There is a widespread stereotype in Turkey that there are many nationalists in Russia, and that locals are at least cool and wary of foreigners. And even the World Cup has little changed this view. Where such an opinion comes from is not completely clear: perhaps the Turks are frightened by pictures with skinheads from the 90s. How tourists are deceived in Turkey: 4 main tricks.

3. Many rich

The arguments in favor of such a stereotype among the Turks are deadly: Russia has oil, gas, timber. And how can one explain why every second person in our country does not wear a Lamborghini and does not show off in Gucci and Prada? In addition, the Turks see how much our people spend on vacation, but they forget that not all Russians can afford to go abroad, to put it mildly. What can you now buy in Turkey for 100 rubles?

4. There are a lot of educated people in Russia

Pleasant, but still a delusion. Most of our people who travel abroad can speak English at least at the everyday level. For the Turks, this is sometimes enough to conclude that there are a lot of smart and educated people in Russia. Unfortunately, as we have already mentioned, a very small proportion of Russians can afford to travel abroad, so it is wrong to judge only by them.

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5. Russians are lazy

But now it was embarrassing. Many Turks are accustomed to earn a living by manual labor and plow almost without days off. From the Russians, they often hear complaints about fatigue – but they do not know that our people can work at an accelerated pace, and how. For Turks, it is very important what a person says (including about himself), in addition, it is not customary for them to complain. Hence the misconception. jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What Turks think about Russians: 5 misconceptions

What stereotypes do you think exist in Russia about the Turks and Turkey? Share in the comments!

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