What ice cream do different zodiac signs choose

Which ice cream do different zodiac signs choose

Surely everyone at least once in their life, standing in front of an ice cream tray, racked their brains: which flavor to choose? And what to take for friends? Astrologers assure that this choice is easy to predict if you know the zodiac sign of the sweet tooth. Well, why not? In such a responsible matter as the choice of ice cream, all factors must be taken into account.


Aries are incredibly active and very brave, they like to try something new and unusual, inciting others to do this. Therefore, they boldly rush to ice cream with the most unexpected flavors: Caribbean rum, beef tongue, caramel with sea salt or even durian.


Representatives of this sign are terrible hedonists. They like food to be not only tasty, but original and luxurious if possible. So do not offer them a banal strawberry cream or apple sorbet. But lavender ice cream, poured with rose petal syrup and decorated with edible gold leaves, is just right. As a last resort, try to talk Taurus into chocolate fondant with berries and a scoop of coconut ice cream.


Gemini is a dual nature, his main motto is: “I want everything at once.” That is why, when choosing ice cream, the representative of this sign usually does not stop at just one taste. Moreover, he manages to try everything that his friends bought. The more interesting the selected varieties, the more pleasure Gemini will receive. Mint and mango, coffee and raspberries, cheesecake and salted caramel? Let's all, just a little bit.


Representatives of this sign are soft, doubtful and very caring people. Therefore, they first make sure that everyone who is with them has ice cream. And only after that they will think what they want. At the same time, they can think for a long time (doubters, yes), but they will most likely stop at the eternal classic – a simple ice cream in a crispy waffle cone or glass. Top 5 countries with the most delicious ice cream: choose the right place to relax.


“Treats should be royal,” Leo is sure. And it doesn’t matter what it is about – about the presentation or about what the product is made of. Ice cream flavored with truffle, lobster, champagne? Give me two! If these delicacies are not available, offer the king of the zodiac a traditional delicacy, but as intricate as possible, multi-story multi-colored, for example, in the form of a banana split – a dessert of fruits, three types of ice cream and sweet syrup.


Representatives of this sign are very practical, so they cannot be tempted by colorful balls of dubious ingredients. But frozen yogurt with the simplest flavors – strawberry, chocolate, creamy can go great. Helpful and understandable.


Another opponent of all sorts of experiments, Libra prefers to treat themselves to something familiar, but appreciate a beautiful presentation. So a bright vase with a few balls of ordinary ice cream, poured with berry syrup and sprinkled with grated chocolate, will suit them perfectly.


A gloomy and mysterious Scorpio looks with slight disdain towards a classic creamy or berry dessert. Such a taste will not satisfy his complex nature at all. Give this sign something strange, maybe gothic, a little crazy. For example, coniferous ice cream, tea rose delicacy, or at least dark chocolate, blueberries and cheese.


Esoteric Ophiuchus is a holiday person who loves when everything around is bright, juicy and with a twinkle. With ice cream, he also appreciates creativity. Therefore, the choice of Ophiuchus is always something like an iceberg, next to which a paint and varnish factory exploded. The original taste is also welcome: for example, Japanese matcha or honeysuckle sorbet, or even cactus or rhubarb flavored ice cream.


Representatives of this sign are passionate adventurers, including tasters. Therefore, they have probably already tried ice cream with charcoal, mint, marshmallows and tiramisu. What can surprise them? Cold dessert with cuttlefish ink, flavored with basil or candied ginger. And they will not refuse a portion of homemade ice cream – just for the sake of curiosity.


The complete opposite of the previous two signs is Capricorn, a fan of classics and traditions in everything, including the choice of ice cream. Pistachio-mango? Grape blueberry? Fruit ice? To each of these proposals, the unshakable Capricorn will say a firm “no”. But before the usual ice cream, it will surely melt.


The representative of this sign is for experiments in food. “Why are we given so many taste buds, if not to constantly surprise them?” – Aquarius asks himself (and at the same time his friends) and goes for the most intricate delicacy. Chocolate ice cream flavored with beer, passion fruit, eucalyptus, raisins in rum has a good chance of being in his cone. But he will definitely add something more calm to them, like the same ice cream.


Controversial and dreamy Pisces are not averse to indulging in a new taste every day. Today, pineapple ice cream is enough for them, tomorrow they can serve a chocolate dessert with pieces of cookies and caramel, and the day after tomorrow, ice cream with turmeric or pepper. The main thing is not to repeat and match the mood.

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