What is poverty for Cubans is color for tourists: feedback on returning to Cuba

What is poverty for Cubans, is color for tourists: a review of returning to Cuba

Tonkosti.ru reader Anna has been vacationing in Cuba more than once: “We know about all the disadvantages, we accept the country with all its shortcomings.” Anna believes that over the two pandemic years, the situation with holidays on Liberty Island has not changed much. “Everyone will find what they are looking for: want dirt, smelly streets and old hotels? Please! Sex tourism, poverty and slums – and it is! But paradise beaches, sociable local, natural beauties, cigars and excellent rum are also available. Everyone chooses for themselves…»1/1

Now Cuba is very expensive

Immediately I say: if you don’t like this country or decide to fly for the first time, now is not the time. Although, you know, it’s hard to say or advise something, maybe it’s not the time, or maybe it won’t work out at all later. It's up to you, I'm just sharing my opinion.

Tours are expensive, but we don't regret it.

We took a three-star hotel Club Karey for breakfast for 10 days – 203 thousand for two. The ocean is right under your feet, and the rest is not so important (for us). If you are more demanding, I will try to describe the situation.

The food is quite decent

You can safely take all-inclusive, it will be more economical, the bar is open 24 hours. Alcohol in Cuba is good even in the simplest hotels, cocktails are made with high quality and beautifully. The hotel is far from the infrastructure, at the very end of the spit: another argument in favor of “all inclusive”.

There is no Internet here at all, in a nearby hotel too. Don't plan on being in touch.

Varadero has paid Internet in several cafes, but it is quite slow.1/1

About bungalows and rooms

Living in a bungalow is better than in the main building, and if you ask well and give a gift (not money), then you will be relocated if there are free places. All the old age and wear in the bungalow is not so striking, but in the room in the main building, of course, it is full of sovdepiya.

At the bungalow – almost your own piece of the beach, no one around. The view from the windows to the ocean, the sound of the waves around the clock – does not interfere, but soothes. On the third day, we realized that we did not hear the waves: it turned out that we were used to it. The problem of living in a bungalow is ants and mosquitoes. We don’t drag food to the room and stock up on funds, and you will feel good and comfortable.

Water cuts happen and you need to be prepared for that. Turn off in turn, then cold, then hot. But usually not for long, we didn’t suffer much from it. The safe is free, we didn't use it. They took a tablet and a laptop with them, they simply cleaned it in a closet, nothing was missing.

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About excursions

We took only breakfasts, as we planned to go on excursions a lot. Although we had already been to Cuba, we did not want to lie on the beach all day long. Almost nothing has changed. Time just stood still here. Pandemic, conflicts, crises – all this is somewhere out there, but here everything is the same as before. 1/1

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