What is the right way to eat pizza?

What is the right way to eat pizza?

Italian flatbread with cheese, meat, vegetables (and much more) is loved and eaten all over the world. Another question is is it right? Is it really acceptable to eat pizza with your hands, or is a knife and fork obligatory in polite society? Especially for you, the “Subtleties” that are corrosive in every sense have been sorted out in the issue.

How do you eat pizza in a restaurant?

In cafes and restaurants, there are rules of etiquette that imply the use of cutlery. Everything is simple here: having ordered pizza in an institution, it is supposed to be consumed with a knife and fork. At the same time, it is worth considering a couple of important points:

  • You need to put a piece of pizza on your plate, and not eat from the common one.
  • Pizza sides are not accepted: leave them on the plate.

By the way, initially pizza sides appeared just to make it more convenient to eat with your hands in field conditions.

How do you eat pizza in an Italian restaurant?

In the homeland of pizza, this dish can be eaten with your hands even if you have appliances – as a rule, they only cut it with them. However, if it is more convenient for you to use a knife and fork, this option is also not forbidden.

By the way! In Italy, pizza is often served with olive oil. They can grease pizza or pour over the sides, if you still plan to eat them. But do not pour too much: it will kill the taste.

How do you eat pizza at home?

That's why it's home: you can relax and eat as you like. That is, hands! If you have an American version of pizza with a thick crust and a lot of ingredients, you can fold a piece in half so that the contents do not fall out.

How do you prefer to eat pizza: with your hands or with the help of utensils? Tell in the comments! How not to get better from delicious food: 5 useful tips on proper nutrition from Italians.

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