What not to eat in hotels in Egypt: 5 valuable observations

What not to eat in hotels in Egypt: 5 valuable observations

Finding a hotel with good food in Egypt is like a lottery. Even the vaunted 5 *, proudly flaunting next to the name, and a large selection of their own restaurants are no guarantee that the food will be at least tolerable, not to mention tasty. Moreover, some dishes Egyptian chefs do not succeed with the word “completely”. And a number of foods and drinks that occupy central places in the distribution have long been blacklisted by guests. The “subtleties” figured out that it is definitely not worth tasting in hotels in Egypt.

1. Meat is overrated

In the view of some tourists, Egypt is such a very distant Transcaucasia, only with pyramids instead of mountains. And therefore, there should be a lot of dishes from meat and with it: kebab, shish kebab, kupaty-chebureks, further down the list. But Egypt is not about meat at all, although kebabs are really found everywhere here. But only. The Egyptians prefer vegetable protein, so legumes are eaten in large quantities. Meat is a rare product on the tables of the locals, and it is usually chicken or lamb. You will not find marbled beef steak, smoked loin, barbecue in Egypt during the day with fire. And if there is fried meat, then in softness it can resemble a sole, and in color – coal. So in hotels it is better to stay on boiled or stewed meat.

2. Sausages that pussies will refuse

In the homeland of Tutankhamun, things are sad with these meat products: there are simply no worthy representatives of this species here. There are not so many unworthy ones either, but they regularly wander into hotel kitchens. Therefore, you don’t have to hunt for sausages at breakfast – most likely, the prey will severely disappoint you. However, from the point of view of safety for the body, everything is ok with them – they are simply tasteless. The best non-banal souvenirs from Egypt: surprise loved ones.

3. Don't drink, you'll become a goat

Affordable all-inclusive is what attracts many holidaymakers to Egypt more than all the sphinxes and pyramids combined. The “unlimited alcohol” included in it usually causes the most criticism: tourists complain that strong drinks and wine in hotels are mercilessly diluted, beer is served only local, not of the best quality, and ice from tap water floats in cocktails and diluted Coca-Cola splashes . Drinks of all the colors of the rainbow at breakfast are also a snag. As a rule, they are prepared from powders with a vanishingly small amount of natural ingredients, and for freshly squeezed fresh juices they require an additional payment – and sometimes they even manage to dilute them.

4. Grapes of disappointment

Another gastronomic hope of a tourist that risks crashing against the harsh Egyptian reality is fresh vegetables and fruits. This, our man is sure, is in bulk in the hotels there. But – alas. Guests of various hotels, including even other “fives”, complain about tasteless grapes, sour oranges, weathered or unripe vegetables in salads, and a generally meager selection of fruits. But in the Egyptian markets – expanse, so you can go there for vitamins.

5. Dangerous for the waist

This item is a bonus one. Because all kinds of desserts like baklava, halva, tempting cakes and colorful pastries are often the best for Egyptian hotel chefs. This is precisely where their main danger lies: there is a non-illusory chance to get carried away and bring a few extra centimeters at the waist from vacation. Therefore – be vigilant! 10 reasons to never visit Egypt.

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