What Russian names are popular with the French?

What Russian names are popular with the French?

In recent decades, foreign names in Russia have become more and more popular. But abroad, on the contrary, they often pay attention to Russian names. Which of them are most in demand in France? We tell


All over the world, this name of Greek origin has long been considered Russian. True, in France this is not the name of boys, but of girls. The reason for this is the popular series in the recent past.


There are no surprises here – the French have this female name, and girls wear it, whose ancestors have nothing to do with either Russia or Ukraine. Among the most famous carriers is the pornographic actress Oksana Darkur.


The name is again of Greek origin, but most associate it with Russia. The traditional form for us – Alexei – also occurs.


Moreover, this is not a diminutive form, like ours, but a full-fledged name.


According to 2019 data, she is in the top 15 most popular female names in France. This is not about the local version of “Helen”, but about the Russian one.


It came into use back in the time of Stravinsky and still finds admirers. True, in French it sounds a little different – Igor (with an emphasis on the last syllable).


This is the only name given to boys. Like Natasha, this is an independent name. /angyh5el51k4s8og8kwgwkw0k.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What Russian names are popular with French?


Putin has nothing to do with it – they called Vladimir until 2000. It became especially popular thanks to the Russian writer Vladimir Fedorovsky, widely known in France and completely unfamiliar to our public.


In addition to the French, this name is loved by Hispanic Latin Americans.


As you might guess, the name became famous after the publication of Turgenev's story. It remains in the top until now.

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